paralysis treatment at home

it occurs as a temporary form of paralysis in the face, legs, or arms. paralysis is the state of inability to make voluntary muscle movements. the treatment of paralysis is mainly done by a neurologist. doctors generally offer treatment that aids in the restoration of the brain’s connection to the body.

in the case of temporary paralysis such as paralysis due to stress or bell’s palsy, symptoms get resolved spontaneously over time without any need for treatment. paralysis is mainly caused due to lack of communication between the central nervous system and nerves all over the body. when the cause of paralysis includes stroke or injuries to the brain or spinal cord, it is permanent and irreversible. medicines are a part of the treatment of paralysis along with rehabilitation services.

it is a condition in which the muscles do not move properly or work, this is called muscle function loss. it often includes loss of feeling in the affected area. there are many conditions that can lead to paralysis. following are the possible causes – mustard oil is very effective in curing paralysis. apply mustard oil on the affected part of the body. practice it continuously for 1 hour and you will see the immediate results as well. it is the best way to cure paralysis. press the ring finger upper part to get relief in paralysis. if paralysis is on left side.

garlic is also another effective home remedy to cure paralysis. now take this mixture daily and within two months, you can get relief from paralysis. also boil 5–6 pieces of garlic in the milk and take them on daily. in this method lukewarm the kalonji oil and massage it lightly on the affected part of the body. it is another effective way to cure paralysis. in this method take 50–60 grams of black pepper and cook it in the 250 ml mustard oil. this will provide you relief in short period of time. now, cook it in 50 grams of mustard oil for 10 minutes. now use this mix oil to massage gently on the affected area. this oil is also beneficial in arthritis.

home remedies for paralysis: clean and grind asparagus (genus) leaves and apply it on the area of pain caused by paralysis. for relief from inflammation and yoga: anulom vilom asana is one of the best ways to cure paralysis. you should perform it for at least 1 hour regularly. it has a very positive garlic is also another effective home remedy to cure paralysis. take 5 to 6 pieces of garlic and grind them. now add two spoons of honey in it. now take this, .

powder of ashwagandha – 1gm, vata vidhwansan rasa – 1 gm, chopcheeni chuma – 50mg, pippli moola – 1gm should be taken thrice daily with water. rasanadi quath ( home remedies for paralysis ii लक़ुए का घरेलु उपचार ii paralysis is a disease that can partially or completely affect your body drink a little amount of radish oil twice a day daily. take 250 g of seasame seeds oil, 50 g of peeled garlic cloves, 20 g black pepper powder and 20 g of, .

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