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i did end up going on a low-dose doxycycline to treat the pd and with changes in the products i was using it cleared up. but if you put the time and energy into trying to figure out what is causing it, i think it can be super informative in other aspects of your health. i always say a good place to start is to try treating it as though it’s fungal. my pd skincare routine goes like this: i use my jade roller in the morning and at night before applying any products to my face. as many of you know, i adapted a very strict version of the sibo specific diet and the acne diet, as recommended by my naturopathic dermatologist, in hopes that it would clear up my pd. i totally understand how frustrating, embarrassing and depressing it is to have a blotchy red rash on your face. i have been dealing with pd for a few months now and have finally found a remedy for my particular case. i have used the avene cicalfate cream as well and it seemed to have helped for about a month and then my pd started to get worse again, i think for me stress triggered it. oh my goodness i have followed you and lfa for so long and just found out that you suffer from pd. oh my goodness – i could kiss you and send you flowers – i have been struggling with this for over a year and i work pipeline with lots of guys in and out of my office. this may have been a good mistake because my skin got tough as leather yet this am i peeled large pieces off from the burn and it is almost like it needed it. i’m also on the keto diet right now and my friend thinks it could be what’s called keto rash, but i think my skin got irritated before i started keto so i think i had an allergic reaction to something. i had pd all around my mouth and it looked like herpes, it was so awful! it is very interesting about the eggs, i eat a lot of them so i think i’m going to eliminate them and see how it goes. i remember being terrified about the long term implications of pd and the prospect of having to deal with it over and over again but feel lucky to not have had any recurring symptoms. i used the barrier restore and avene all over my face, twice a day. i have a vitamin b serum that i use a night and changed my moisturizer and things have calmed down – for now. i can be doing all the “right things,” and still get a flare up from time to time. i also saw my dermatologist to confirm my diagnosis and see about getting a food sensitivity test, as i’d read that that could be the underlying cause. i bought the cicalfate and it feels amazing on my skin.

i had a terrible case of pd several years ago and have managed to avoid a recurrence, until this fall. i think the most helpful thing was just to think back to when it started and try to see if i had started using my intake of any food or face cream, etc. i have been fighting it now for about five months i am definitely going to get the soap and avene cream tomorrow. i have a massive rash under my nose that is painful and itchy at the same time! i just decided to try it on my daughter’s pd two nights ago. i am coming into my second month of zero creeams or facewash (just water), and my skin is clearing up. my skin is so soft now and i still use a tiny bit as it is also a great moisturiser. i had a terrible reaction to the metronidizole. after days of my own research i came across the pyrithione zinc and wow my skin is finally clearing up ???? here is the exact product i used and it healed it up using 3x a day in about a week. the culprit was a platinum-plated ring (nickel as the binding agent) i was wearing for months non-stop that caused the pd on my face around my mouth! i was using the cicklefate cream and it did work but then it just came back again. i was trying to calm my lips and skin down after the windburn and it seemingly created the perfect storm. i tried the cicalfate and it didn’t work for me because of the mineral oil. stress can wreak havoc with your body including your skin and being a type a i have suffered at the hands of stress for years. it has been a few days now with just the odd bump showing up but i can live my life normally and not feel embarrassed to leave the house. by this point i had had pd for almost a month and it spread to all around my mouth. i still have a very stubborn, small patch of pd on the corner of my mouth. the reviews on amazon highly recommend this product for those with pd and i completely agree. i’ve watched several youtube videos regarding pd and a few recommended the brand, yes to blueberries. i saw your edit to your original post that using just the facial bar and face cream were very helpful.

it’s not itchy or painful, but it is ugly, and it really bothers me. my derms (plural, because i’ve been to many about this issue) have never been able to give me a clear idea as to why it happens—some people think it’s the surfactants in your toothpaste, so i switched to one without any, and it didn’t help. it could be weather-related, or stress (maybe it’s not a coincidence that it pops up around the busiest time of year for us, what with fashion month and awards season). in the past, a combination of a light topical antibiotic that’s used to treat rosacea and a light oral antibiotic cleared it up. the problem popped up right before sxsw and persisted well through march, ultimately getting worse. it looked like there was a red ring around the outside of my mouth and my chin that was dotted with itty bitty little zits (ew), and it would not fucking go away. i read page after page about perioral dermatitis and how bad it can get, secretly rejoicing that mine seemed to be a mild case (relatively speaking; to me it was major), and then finally i found a blogger who seemed to have the exact same case as me. a combination of bragg’s raw apple cider vinegar and lotrimin foot cream.

as it turns out, the problem was fungus. the thought of it triggers my gag reflex—fungus… but surprise, surprise, it’s working. i’ve mixed equal parts acv with water in a little squirt bottle, and i’ve been using it all over my face as a toner twice daily. it smells god-awful, but my skin—and not just in the “perioral” region—has honestly never looked better. i’ve been following it all up with seaberry oil from sibu (a miracle product that is loaded with antioxidants and claims to cure all skin ailments, including wrinkles—bless), and i’m kind of blown away by the results. so if you, like me, are searching “perioral dermatitis cures” late at night and alone in bed, give this a shot and let me know how it goes. your significant other will likely hate it, and you might catch unwanted whiffs of it throughout the day, but i promise, your skin will glow. it should be noted that i am, in fact, not a doctor; therefore, please consult one if you have a weird skin irritation (or any medical problem) before starting a home treatment.

in medical journals, topical sulfur is listed as a first-line treatment option for perioral dermatitis.3 the de la cruz treatment is my favorite what i found works for me is the oil cleansing method, only natural, no preservatives or aditives homemade paste of sulphur cream 10%, plus natural remedies for perioral dermatitis. apple cider vinegar. apple cider vinegar has natural anti-inflammatory properties, which make it an effective, .

6 natural home remedies to get rid of perioral dermatitis ; essential oils: antimicrobial, analgesic, and antibacterial properties in diluted tea while some people claim to have treated perioral dermatitis with remedies, such as apple cider vinegar or tea tree oil, dermatologists and going on oral route, i found some posts saying that aloe vera juice can help with inflammation. drinking 8oz a day is what is recommended., .

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