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in recent years, a lot of clinicians and researchers have made a series of in-depth explorations and investigations on the treatment of viral pneumonia with tcm, which have understood tcm therapeutic mechanisms more specifically and clearly. therefore, different health organizations in china focus on tcm prevention and treatment of viral pneumonia and have formulated a series of diagnosis and treatment guidelines (china association of chinese medicine, 2003; national health and family planning commission of people’s republic of china, 2015; national health and family planning commission of people’s republic of china, 2017; national health commission of the people’s republic of china and national administration of traditional chinese medicine, 2019; national health commission of the people’s republic of china, 2020). these antiviral effects are often referred to as “detoxification” or “resolving toxins” in the theory of traditional chinese medicine (xi and gong, 2017). and cinnamomum cassia (l.) j. presl also could significantly inhibit the proliferation of influenza a virus in mdck cells (p<0.05) and show a certain degree of direct killing of virus (gou et al., 2013). has a significant inhibitory effect on the neuraminidase activity of influenza virus (lang et al., 2019). can increase the levels of ifn-α, ifn-β and il-2 in virus-infected mice (p<0.05 or p<0.01) (he et al., 2013). can inhibit traf6 protein expression in the lung tissue of mice, and have a certain inhibitory effect on myd88 to achieve anti-influenza virus pneumonia (p<0.05) (xie y. h. et al., 2007). gegen decoction can regulate the ratio of cd3+cd4+/cd3+cd8+ and cd4+ifn-γ+/cd4+il-4+ in peripheral blood of virus-infected mice (p<0.01) (geng et al., 2019). compared with single herbs, traditional chinese medical formulas are more widely used in the clinical prevention and treatment of viral pneumonia. performed meta-analysis on the treatment of sars with integrated chinese and western medicine, and found that the combined chinese and western medicine treatment could shorten the clinical symptoms and fever time, reduce secondary fungal infection, and relieve pulmonary inflammation (liu et al., 2005). evaluated the combination of traditional chinese and western medicine for treatment of covid-19. moreover, in the process of diagnosis and treatment of tcm, treatment based on differentiation of symptoms and signs, especially treatment based on classification of symptoms and signs, can best reflect the overall concept of tcm. the precise mechanism of chinese medicine in the treatment of viral pneumonia should be scientifically clarified to achieve the synchronization of clinical research and experimental research. med. j. chin. med. j. chin. med. antiviral activity of baicalin against influenza a (h1n1/h3n2) virus in cell culture and in mice and its inhibition of neuraminidase. j. med. med. the antiviral activities of artemisinin and artesunate. chin. med. med. med. med. j. chin. med. med.

chin. med. j. chin. med. med. med. med. effect of electroacupuncture stimulation of “feishu” (bl 13) on lung index, serum and lung it-10 and tnf-α levels in mice with viral pneumonia. planta med. med. med. chin. med. med. med. med. med. med. j. chin. med. med. med. med. j. chin. j. chin. med. med. med. med. med. chinese patent medicines in the treatment of coronavirus disease 2019 (covid-19) in china.

pneumonia is an infection that congests the air sacs in either of both lungs. the prime symptoms of covid-19 include a persistent dry cough and a fever. while home remedy will not provide a winning overnight cure for pneumonia, there are loads of ways to ease the discomfort and possibly expedite the recovery process. depending on the origin of pneumonia, a doctor will prescribe medication to treat the infection, but throughout the recovery process, they will also specify: in addition, some home remedies may help individuals manage health problems and enhance recovery. mucus in the oesophagus and chest can trigger more enhanced coughing and irritation. these properties help to deal with pneumonia and its symptoms; you can increase your intake of vitamin c either via your daily diet or via supplements.

an individual with pneumonia may benefit from retaining physical exertion to a minimum in order to improve health conditions. it also works as a mucolytic, which means it helps to dislodge catarrh, mucus and the bronchial ducts, hence easing breathing. you won’t have the media sternum, heart and stomach exerting pressure against your lungs, collapsing some of the spaces of the lungs, so making it a little easier. a cool-air humidifier allows you to retain the air moisture, relieving the irritation in your nose and throat. steam inhalation is also effective and may help in the above situations. nevertheless, as long as the symptoms are moderate it may help the person feel better and contribute to their overall health.

2. drink hot peppermint tea peppermint can also help alleviate irritation and expel mucus. research suggests that it can be an effective decongestant, anti- single traditional chinese herbal medicine commonly-used in these diagnosis and treatment guidelines includes gypsum fibrosum (shengshigao), a 2011 study found that herbs, including peppermint and eucalyptus, had a soothing effect on the throats of people with upper respiratory tract infections., .

home remedies for symptoms of pneumonia 1. peppermint, eucalyptus, and fenugreek tea. many warm herbal teas can help calm a scratchy throat, in south asia, this golden spice has been used for centuries to treat breathing problems, pain, and fatigue. researchers have found that it traditional chinese medicine (tcm) follows a particular theoretical and methodological approach to estimate the cause of a disease, leading to diagnosis and, .

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