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as a nurse practitioner in traditional family medicine setting, spinal stenosis was a condition i was confronted with daily in my practice. after studying and practicing integrative medicine, i am enthusiastic to see patients with spinal stenosis because i now know effective alternative modalities that can really decrease their pain. overtime, osteoarthritis, injury or general wear and tear in the back can lead to narrowing of the spaces in the spine. this is referred to as spinal stenosis. the condition is typically diagnosed by x-ray, mri or ct scan and is most common in those over age 50. nutrition: eating an anti-inflammatory diet rich in omega-3s fish and olive oil, vegetables and fruits has dual benefits for spinal stenosis. secondly it is key in maintaining a healthy weight, this lessons the pressure or load on your spine naturally reducing symptoms.

exercise like walking, swimming and yoga with a certified knowledgeable teacher can all be beneficial. the hands on, holistic physical therapists we refer to help my patients strengthen the surrounding muscles and significantly reduce pain. one of his landmark studies showed how an 8 week mbsr course was highly effective at decreasing pain, discomfort and medication use in those with chronic pain. supplements: botanicals such as bosweilla and devil’s claw have evidenced based research supporting their use in back pain. often magnesium glycinate or epsom salt baths greatly diminished muscle aches and tension resulting from spinal stenosis. referrals to trusted colleagues: alternative modalities such as acupuncture, craniosacral therapy and massage can all lessen pain and promote the body’s natural healing mechanisms.

so, how to treat spinal stenosis and other causes of back pain? holistic treatments for spinal stenosis and back pain, by their very definition, are focused on treating the back as part of the larger body. meditation is one of the best options for how to treat spinal stenosis pain because it helps your brain unlearn pain. just make sure the chair supports your lumbar spine, allowing you to sit in an upright position and stay aware of the breath. yes, you may be more likely to fall asleep in this position, but the key is to make meditation work for you and your body.

lack of sleep due to pain or as a side effect of medication can increase pain sensitivity during the day, which can also increase pain at night. for example, a tight psoas muscle, which starts in the lower back and runs down the hip flexor into the thigh, frequently results in back pain. holistic treatments for back pain are rooted in the belief that treating multiple areas of the body can help towards a more successful treatment of the chronic condition. other back pain devices promise to help stretch and strengthen the muscles of the back, and could be useful for treating non-specific, moderate cases of back pain. click the button below to find a doctor in your area who could help you get a diagnosis and talk to you about how to treat spinal stenosis in your case.

natural anti-inflammatories curcumin and omega-3 fish oils can also be useful. often magnesium glycinate or epsom salt baths greatly diminished alternative and holistic therapies generally are not thought of as treatments for spinal stenosis. the national institute of arthritis and symptoms of spinal stenosis may be treated using complementary, integrative and alternative therapies, such as acupuncture and massage., .

heal stenosis without surgery spinal stenosis treatment natural remedies can spinal stenosis be cured without surgery can stenosis be cured strength training; water therapy; relaxation exercises (yoga, tai chi). weight loss. even losing ten pounds can result in less pressure on the spine spinal stenosis – herbal treatment horsetail high in silica and has a particular affinity with the central nervous system and building up the myelin sheath as, .

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