the art of natural healing

through living from your true self – a process of self-inquiry working with unresolved life experiences that are stored deeply in the body/mind complex, creating physical, mental and emotional release and allowing you to make new more fulfilling choices in life. deepen into the process of self-inquiry, develop a better understanding of the body/mind & experience more freedom and true happiness i scheduled a private yoga therapy session asking for insight into easing my stiff shoulder and hip. after two years of low back and sciatica pain, i started attending savita’s therapeutic yoga classes twice weekly plus one-on-one sessions. savita took time to carefully explain what she was doing and what i could do to best support my body’s healing process. it is now may 2015. i am free of sciatic pain. my only regret is that i didn’t work with savita sooner. chronic pain from a failed back surgery and neck cancer led me down a dead end of prescription morphine and despair. i believed my life was over when savita introduced me to yoga.

savita has guided me to a life path of physical, emotional and spiritual health. for a person living with chronic pain and exhaustion for many years, i had become someone who had grieved over the loss of physical abilities. i experience life more fully and use my new skills every day. when i began yoga therapy with savita i had some anxiety because of failed physical therapy in the past. since this yoga therapy is unique and unlike traditional physical therapy, i thrived. i do not have the dowager’s hump of osteoporosis many women my age (82) have; i am active and independent, free of pain medication and feel much more at ease with myself and life. you created a deep, thoughtful, intelligent, fun and amazingly interesting yoga experience for us all. i have learned so much more about yoga and have come away humbled, inspired and grateful for the spiritual as well as the physical aspects of this amazing practice. you are a wonderful teacher and a master at your craft.

the current landscape of health and wellness industry features a few common themes. the new award-winning docuseries entitled the art of natural healing , featuring naturopathic doctors asia and krishna muhammad, encompasses all three of these themes in such a creative and explorative way. but don’t get it twisted, these doctors are brilliant in their ability to explain complicated topics to the general public. it was nice to see them tackle this component because there are trillions of bacteria in the gut that affect our health in numerous ways. there are also cooking demonstrations along with the use of other naturopathic modalities such as hydrotherapy, and traditional chinese medicine. given that the leading cause of death in the unites states is heart disease which is associated with inflammation, this is a completely necessary portion of their docuseries.

the last episode focuses on the environment and also plugs in art as well. did i mention that this docuseries is filmed at very cool modern and contemporary art galleries around st. they visit artist ken worley’s studio along with others, where they discuss the role of our environment in health and disease. overall the docuseries was very down-to-earth, refreshing, and filled with educational content that anyone can use to improve their lives. this review does not cover all that was explored in the docuseries, so you must check it out. dr. tursh㡠hamilton is a naturopathic doctor, holistic health educator & coach who focuses on holistic health for diabetes, hypertension, and stress management.

a wellness journey led by dr. asia muhammad, nd and dr. krishna muhammad, nd, where they discuss inflammation, the microbiome, provide immune boosting recipes, practices and more. boost your immune system naturally and thrive from the inside out. join us on this wellness journey lead by dr. asia muhammad, nd and dr. krishna muhammad, a detailed study guide to natural healing; touching on anatomy, physiology and bacteriology and spanning to herbs and vitamins. boost your immune system naturally and thrive from the inside out. join us on this wellness journey lead by dr. asia muhammad, nd and dr. krishna muhammad, nd., .

your yoga resource offering different modalities to support physical and mental wholeness and healing on all levels: through therapeutic yoga – clearing away two physicians sisters who specialize in naturopathic healing show how to boost your immune system, decrease inflammation, help gut health, and more. director. boost your immune system naturally & thrive from the inside out. join us on this wellness journey lead by dr. asia muhammad, nd and dr. krishna muhammad, nd., .

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