toothache ayurvedic remedy

toothache is one of the common ailments that occur frequently to individuals of all ages. tooth pain ranges from mild to severe and can be caused by a wide variety of factors pertaining to oral health and dental decay. the pain heightens during or posts the consumption of food items that are either too hot or too cold as the tooth becomes increasingly sensitive to changes in temperature. in ayurveda, tooth pains are known as daantshool. ayurveda can provide an effective remedy to tooth pains both chronic and acute. the ayurvedic treatment provides relief from the pain by dealing with the root cause of the problem in a natural and holistic manner without any side effects. it also eliminates the chances of any relapse. check out some ayurvedic remedies for toothache problem, these ayurvedic remedies are natural and does not offer side effects:

dental cavities, inflammation of the gums, poor oral hygiene are some common reasons that come to mind. clove oil has been used to cure a toothache for centuries. chewing a few pieces of clove using the affected tooth will allow the oil to enter into the affected area. in turn, you can also mix clove oil with few drops of olive oil and apply on the affected area with a cotton swab. chew on the stick to get germ free teeth. babool sticks can also be used in the same way.

take a teaspoon of amla powder daily for long-term benefits and oral health. it prevents dental cavities and is a good solution for toothaches. apply to the affected area before going to bed. this is a very popular home treatment for a toothache. you can also mix garlic with rock salt and form a paste. think of these ayurvedic remedies, and you will be able to fight the pain and find relief in an all-natural way. dial 0129-4040404 or click on ‘speak to a doctor under the connect tab in jiva health app.

since the ancient times, indian ayurvedic practitioners have been using the aromatic spice clove and its oil to get rid of tooth ache. not only it helps in neem and babool: extracts of neem and babool are well known for their ability to heal tooth pains and related oral problems. these ayurvedic herbs medicine are turmeric, or haldi, is well-known for its antibacterial properties. it prevents dental cavities and is a good solution for toothaches. mix finely powdered, .

tooth ache – natural ayurvedic home remedies ayurvedic home remedies for toothache – get relief from tooth pain,infection & swelling immediately:toothache, also known as dental pain, planet ayurveda offers effective herbal remedies like gum care powder, wheat grass powder & garlic capsules for ayurvedic treatment of toothache., . here are 9 ayurvedic medicines for tooth pain relief:cloves: clove oil is a remedy used for centuries to cure tooth pain. herbal sticks: this is a popular practice in rural areas to this day. amla powder: asafoetida: wheatgrass: tumeric powder: garlic: nutmeg:

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