viral fever treatment at home

while most of us reach out to antibiotics or anti-viral medications when the viral fever grabs us, various home remedies help deal with numerous viral symptoms. a perfect blend of honey and lime is useful in alleviating viral symptoms such as cold and flu. add a teaspoon of ginger juice to the lemon-honey mixture. coriander tea is helpful in relieving symptoms of viral fever such as a runny nose. it is recommended to drink coriander tea at least twice a day until your viral symptoms reduce. a widely used home remedy for the treatment of viral fever is tulsi, mainly due to its anti-bacterial and antibiotic properties. one of the common symptoms associated with viral fever, especially in children, is irregular bowels. while black pepper helps in flushing out toxins, ginger’s anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties are suitable for easing the viral symptoms.

after a few minutes, add tea leaves to boil for a bit. finally, put a pinch of black pepper in that ginger tea, and voila your healthy tea is ready to fight your viral fever! it is recommended to drink the rice starch warm for an instant effect. fevers are a natural response of the body in case of an infection or inflammation. some of the do’s and don’ts of viral fever at home are: welcome to the pharmeasy health blog. other categories include women’s health, men’s health, childcare, patient awareness, tips for the protocol for emergencies and health news. diabetes and diabetes management is a core focus area for us. pharmeasy’s health blog section is an extension of the online aggregator business. in short, the pharmeasy health blog is the go-to destination for all healthcare requirements.

though fever is also a common symptom of covid-19, it could be due to other viral infections like common cold, flu and dengue. and one such common seasonal infection that you may suffer from is viral fever. apart from being safe and easily available (mostly present in your kitchen), natural remedies to treat viral fever are effective to relieve the symptoms associated with a viral fever. in addition to this, the presence of antibiotic compounds and potent volatile oils, coriander acts as an effective natural aid to combat a viral infection. drink this tea to relieve the symptoms of viral fever. strain the contents, add a pinch of cinnamon powder and drink warm to relieve a fever. one of the most effective and widely used natural remedies to help relieve the symptoms of viral fever is tulsi leaves.

how to prepare: all you need to do is to boil around 20 fresh and clean tulsi leaves in one liter of water with half a spoon of clove powder. it also acts as a natural nourishing drink, especially for children and older people suffering from viral fever. add this liquid to a glass, a pinch of salt and drink when warm to combat viral fever symptoms. how to prepare: this can be prepared by adding two medium-sized pieces of dry ginger (soonth) in a cup of water and boil the mixture. drink this solution four times a day to relieve the symptoms of viral fever. how to prepare: soak one tablespoon of fenugreek seeds in a half cup of water overnight. in the morning, strain this solution and sip this drink at regular intervals to treat viral fever. health is a serious topic and therefore we present you with engaging, straightforward and expert-reviewed content that helps you make the best decision for any health-related queries.

5 simple home remedies for viral fever honey and lime juice. a perfect blend of honey and lime is useful in alleviating viral symptoms such as cold and flu. a viral infection can trigger a viral fever. natural remedies found in our kitchen or herb garden can bring some amount of comfort as the fever another method involves addition of dry ginger, turmeric (one teaspoon), black pepper powder (one teaspoon) and little amount of sugar to a cup, .

rice water, also known as kanji is a very famous home remedy for treating viral infection. it works as a diuretic agent that detoxifies the viral fever symptoms include sore thraot, cough, body-ache, runny nose. ginger&honey, rice starch, and coriander seeds are great home remedies. do you or your loved one have fever? this may be a symptom of a cold or flu virus. find a fever medicine or home remedy for fever so you can feel better,, . stay coolsit in a bath of lukewarm water, which will feel cool when you have a fever. give yourself a sponge bath with lukewarm water.wear light pajamas or clothing.try to avoid using too many extra blankets when you have chills.drink plenty of cool or room-temperature popsicles.

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