home remedies for digestion

at times, the enjoyment is hampered because of problems associated with digestion. digestive problems are one of the commonest medical concerns in the world. while most digestive problems resolve on their own, some may persist in the absence of treatment. the term indigestion or dyspepsia is often used for the issues with digestion that are associated with pain or discomfort in the abdomen. it may be a sign of some underlying health condition.

holistic healthcare near me

gainesville holistic healthcare is a full-service healthcare provider dedicated to your well-being: physical, mental, and emotional. traci is intelligent, warm, easy to talk to, and listens to my concerns. i’ve been seeing traci for quite a while and absolutely consider her my primary care physician. i am receiving acupuncture, dietary help and lots of encouragement and tender care. my experience with gainesville holistic healthcare and traci millett, ap has been life-changing. i came to her complaining of shin splints and looking for alternative treatment to help heal and restore. if i have any other complaints she will address them in each appointment and looks to help with lifestyle changes that will be beneficial for my overall health and specifically with the healing of my body.

dry cough ayurvedic medicine

regardless of the cause, a dry cough can be painful to deal with and can also make it hard to get quality sleep. natural decongestants and ayurvedic medicines for cough relief can provide the same decongestant effects without exposing you to any risk of side effects, making them a better choice. in addition to serving as a flavoring agent for common ayurvedic churnas, honey can be used as a dry cough home remedy itself. to use a pudina dry cough remedy, you can use the fresh leaves as garnishing in foods or steep them in boiling water along with other herbs used to make herbal tea.

home remedy for an an

tinea versicolor is a common fungal infection of the skin in adolescents and young adults and leads to discolored patches of skin, usually pale (hypopigmented) spots on the upper back and shoulders. while most people are never bothered by this yeast, it is also is felt to be responsible for dandruff (seborrhea), which explains why some of the treatments used for dandruff also help tinea versicolor. it is most common in the teens and 20s than in younger and older individuals. in this case, however, the koh is negative and there is no response to systemic or topical antifungal medications.

acne remedies

talk with your doctor about the risks and benefits of medications and other treatments you are considering. you apply this medication in the evening, beginning with three times a week, then daily as your skin becomes used to it. it can also be used to manage discoloration that occurs with some types of acne. and they should be combined with other drugs, such as benzoyl peroxide, to reduce the risk of developing antibiotic resistance.

pigmentation treatment at home

taking care of the skin is a daily affair, requiring an awareness of its needs and a little knowledge about the kind of treatment it deserves. in the deeper layers of the epidermis are cells that produce melanin, the pigment that gives the skin its colour. sometimes, the transfer of melanin to the skin surface occurs due to hormonal or other internal reasons, resulting in uneven deposits of melanin. this leads to pigmented skin, dark patches and spots. the skin needs protection with a broad-spectrum sunscreen that provides protection from both uv-a and uv-b rays. it should be mentioned on the label of the sunscreen. it is related to the duration of sun exposure and also to individual skin sensitivity. the sunscreen should be applied 20 minutes before sun exposure, to allow it time to be absorbed by the skin. it should be reapplied if you are in the sun for more than an hour. the use of scrubs and masks help to reduce pigmentation by removing dead skin cells and their contained pigment. even when the pigmented patches disappear, one should continue to use sunscreen.

holistic treatment for mental health

taking a body first approach, holistic treatment of mental health focuses on the body as a way to treat the mind. as a result, holistic treatment of mental health focuses on diet, sleep patterns, and exercise. eating a balanced diet has been said to contribute to improved mental health. the elimination of alcohol (a depressant), processed foods and sugar has been said to keep blood sugar levels more constant, keeping mood changes in check and even helping with depression. good rest, sleep habits have been said to contribute to improved mood and mental health. establishing a stable rhythm of sleep and rest is a goal of holistic treatment.

alternative medicine for hyperthyroidism

my hope is that by exploring the symptoms, causes, complications, and treatments for hyperthyroidism in detail, more women will be empowered to seek care and solve their thyroid issues for good. sadly, women can have their concerns about hyperthyroid symptoms dismissed by the medical community and a culture that normalizes stress. sometimes, a radioactive thyroid scan is recommended to determine how much iodine your thyroid takes up and assess its function. it can also result in grave’s dermopathy — a reddening and thickening of the skin on the tops of the feet or the shins. as with surgical removal, patients who choose this option usually become hypothyroid and have to remain on thyroid medication for the rest of their lives. there have been studies showing selenium to be an effective treatment for grave’s disease and the associated thyroid eye disease. autoimmune diseases are reversible and remission is completely possible—working with a licensed health care provider can help you achieve this. this herb has long been used in the treatment of hyperthyroidism and is often used in combination with bugleweed, nutritional therapy, and a low iodine diet. you know they’re my favorite for supporting hormone health and they also can help an overactive thyroid by competing with iodine for uptake in the thyroid.