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coaching contract template is a coaching contract sample that gives infomration on coaching contract design and format. when designing coaching contract example, it is important to consider coaching contract template style, design, color and theme. a coaching contract allows the coach and client to list down agreements that ensure both parties understand and agree to those and embark upon or renew a professional relationship. and as a coach, you might not be armed with detailed knowledge of the legalities that go into making a good coaching contract or a flawless coaching agreement. goals can be both short- and long-term and public (like performance goals that can be disclosed to the coaching sponsor) as well as private (like confidence goals that are strictly confidential between you and the client). in an interview with, pradip sarin (a pcc certifies coach and the co-founder of shared that his first reaction when his bank organized a coaching session for him was one of surprise. the coaching agreement helps set these boundaries in a formal way to protect both your expectations.

coaching contract overview

a good coaching contract must incorporate a clause that specifies the services the client is entitled to receive and how (e.g. through this coaching agreement clause, you can seamlessly establish your responsibilities as a coach and help set client expectations right from the outset of the program. the coaching journey and all content and information shared should be confidential between a coach and a client. payment terms and conditions form the backbone of any coaching contract and is one of the key items in the document. detailing out such items in a coaching contract makes it seamless for both parties to exit the engagement. a coaching contract is an understanding that the coach and the client enter into for a pre-determined duration.

it was from a new client who had decided to pull out of my group program at the last minute. so i worked with a lawyer to create my own. it is a sample agreement to be adapted to your situation and state’s laws in consultation with an attorney. 1. your contract sets the tone for your engagement. 2. your contract outlines what you expect of the client and what the client can expect of you. 3. your contract predicts where disagreements could arise and then agrees on how to handle them. any disagreements that arise are an opportunity to update your agreement for the next client. in this section, i congratulate the client on signing up and define any terms i’ll be using in the contract. it starts when the contract is signed, unless we have agreed on a different start date. in my contract, there are rules for when the coach needs to pause and rules for when the client needs a pause.

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one of the most common times for a pause is when you or a client goes on vacation. i also recommend that you include a late payment policy. even if you charge payments automatically, it’s helpful to outline what happens in the case of a failed payment. this section outlines what the coach is responsible for and what the client is responsible for. a thought partnership where the client can discuss their goals and challenges). in particular, you want to make sure that the most you’d ever have to pay a client in a dispute is the full price of your program. you don’t ever want to get to this point with a client, but this section outlines the worst case scenario. similar to the last section, it includes a lot of legalese. you just upload your contract template, insert a place to sign and date, and then send to the client. after you’ve customized your contract and put it into e-sign software, make sure that your client reads through the contract and understands it. if your client wants anything changed in the contract, you can decide whether or not to make those changes and then upload a new version of the contract for them to sign.