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compliance tracking spreadsheet template is a compliance tracking spreadsheet sample that gives infomration on compliance tracking spreadsheet design and format. when designing compliance tracking spreadsheet example, it is important to consider compliance tracking spreadsheet template style, design, color and theme. in the settings sheet, we will enter the training name and the nth day by which an employee needs to complete that specific training. due date is sep 30th for that specific training for that specific employee. though the template can handle up to 20 trainings and in this example, we only need 10. so, first, we will hide the columns that we won’t need. now that you have entered employee data with start date, you can provide a pdf export of due dates for a specific employee easily. the employee will schedule or plan to take the trainings on certain dates. when an employee has informed when he/she will be taking the training, enter those dates in the corresponding date columns. you can rename these to any and use as needed. job title is another column that you can rename and use for other purposes.

compliance tracking spreadsheet overview

in progress status indicates that the employee has not completed the training yet, but the training dates scheduled (or not scheduled yet) are within the due dates. max due date is the maximum of all the due dates for that employee. if the employee is being compliant, all the trainings should be completed on or prior to this date. if all the trainings are completed (training date <= today) then it is considered ‘completed’. ‘scheduled late’ is assigned to employees who have any training dates in the future which are non-compliant. if the employee has not entered any dates for one or more training, the flag will be ‘not scheduled yet’. there are slicers (filters) available for compliance status, completion status and action reason to get to specific employee records that are actionable. in the second page of the dashboard, you can see the compliance and completion percentage by each attribute.

you just needed to map your evidence and documents to your compliance requirements, note their owners and file locations, and mark their status. but in the long run, spreadsheets can make compliance tracking more difficult to manage. so once you’ve sorted through all the submitted evidence, you still have more work to do just to share your compliance status with your team. evidence is coming in through several channels and it takes time to sort through it and update your compliance tracking spreadsheets. your hands are tied, because you don’t know who to follow up with. you need transparency to ensure your compliance management doesn’t go off the rails.

compliance tracking spreadsheet format

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compliance tracking spreadsheet guide

do you have a novice user working in your tracking spreadsheets? need to share your spreadsheets with people on your team? if you need to protect the integrity and security of your compliance-tracking records, you won’t get it from spreadsheets. they don’t have to bother the compliance manager at the eye of the hurricane to see if they’ve updated the spreadsheet recently and if it’s accurate. since you have access to a full audit trail from the prior year, even if your organization experiences turnover, the new person can easily see what was done and by whom. tct reduces manual labor, frees precious resources, and streamlines the journey to completing each and every requirement of your compliance audits.

i need to create a tracker for individual employee compliance for training. if i know when they are approaching the 3 months we can make sure they do the test and thus restart their 3 month compliance window. i’m thinking i’ll need to import an excel sheet weekly or bi-weekly of the tests they performed over that time period. @jake e is there a reason that you wouldn’t keep track of everything on smartsheet? the problem you would have once you import the excel sheet, is that you can’t replace information that is already sitting there. you would need to import to a new sheet and the information would be new from scratch.

i agree with eva that it would be best to have the data in smartsheet and not use excel, but if you have to use excel, you could use the premium app, data shuttle to automate the import. please support the community by marking it insightful/vote up, awesome, or/and as the accepted answer. wanting to understand when a user should expect to receive an email alert in various comment response scenarios… i post a comment and use an at-mention. that user responds directly from the email and i receive an alert that they responded (whether they at-mention me in their response). when i launch the app now, i see a prompt saying there is a new version available yet there is no option to update the instance of the desktop app i’m using now. how do we apply… hi there i have to create a booking form where a guest can select a day of the week, and then select the date that they want to book for.