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consortium agreement template is a consortium agreement sample that gives infomration on consortium agreement design and format. when designing consortium agreement example, it is important to consider consortium agreement template style, design, color and theme. a consortium agreement is a written contract that enables students to pursue coursework at two institutions simultaneously. if a degree-seeking ku student has a valid and approved academic reason for requesting a consortium agreement, ku will serve as the ‘home’ school. non-degree seeking students may request that ku serve as the ‘host’ school and request a consortium agreement through the applicable ‘home’ school. if applicable, a consortium agreement request form will be given to the student at that meeting. if the consortium agreement is approved by fas, the associate director will create the consortium agreement contract and email it to the host school. therefore, the consortium agreement is not officially approved until the completed contract and proof of enrollment from the host school is received in the fas.

consortium agreement overview

the associate director will advise students of the impact on any offered awards if the consortium agreement is approved (although this is typically discussed in the appointment with the financial aid counselor). all students who enter into a consortium agreement with ku as the home school will be required to provide proof of grades from the host school within thirty days of the end of the term. the deadline to submit a consortium agreement request is two weeks prior to the end of the term for which the student is requesting the consortium. the student must request the consortium agreement and obtain permission from their home institution. the associate director of the fas must sign & date the consortium agreement. the fas makes a copy of the completed & signed consortium agreement for fas files, emails the consortium agreement to the home school, checks enrollment of the student regularly through established reports, and notifies the host school of any changes in enrollment.

the recipient, as the direct and primary recipient of nih grant funds, is accountable to nih for the performance of the project, the appropriate expenditure of grant funds by all parties, applicable reporting requirements, and all other obligations of the recipient, as specified in the nihgps. the recipient is responsible for including the applicable requirements of the nihgps in its agreements with collaborating organizations (see written agreement in this chapter). the following information must be provided to nih as part of a competing application that proposes consortium arrangements: for the consortium site, it is appropriate and expected that someone will be designated as the consortium lead investigator responsible for ensuring proper conduct of the project or program at the consortium site.

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otherwise, this individual should be assigned some other project role in the senior/key personnel the pd/pi and other individuals who contribute to the scientific development or execution of a project in a substantive, measurable way, whether or not they receive salaries or compensation under the grant. senior/key personnel must devote measurable effort to the project whether or not salaries or compensation are requested. under the agreement, the recipient must perform a substantive role in the conduct of the planned research and not merely serve as a conduit of funds to another party or parties. these agreements typically involve a specific level of effort from the consortium organization’s pd/pi and a categorical breakdown of costs, such as personnel, supplies, and other allowable expenses, including f&a costs.

you may be able to take classes at another institution and still receive aid from ut. plus, you must be enrolled as a transient student at the other institution where you wish to take classes. we are not able to disburse excess aid before the date established in the one stop calendar. you need to make arrangements to pay the host institution by the established deadlines and be reimbursed by any excess financial aid you receive from ut. aid for future semesters will be placed on hold until the transcripts have been evaluated.

if you do not qualify for a ut consortium, you may still be eligible to receive the hope scholarship. hope awards are prorated based on the number of course program of study (cpos) hours you are enrolled and based on the host institution eligibility. students who use a consortium agreement are required to have final transcripts sent back to ut knoxville within ninety days of completing the term. tip: ut offers direct deposit for your excess financial aid, and you can authorize financial aid to pay for non-tuition charges and fees during the current year. if you choose to get your materials through inclusive access, the cost will be billed directly to you.