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contract deliverables tracking template is a contract deliverables tracking sample that gives infomration on contract deliverables tracking design and format. when designing contract deliverables tracking example, it is important to consider contract deliverables tracking template style, design, color and theme. for the contract lines to display in the tree hierarchy of the deliverables tracking system window, you must create deliverable records in the contract authoring workbench. if the value is later changed in that window after using the default deliverables action, then you must manually revise the line quantity in the deliverable tracking system window. if your contract has numerous lines and deliverables, then you can search the deliverables tracking system for specific records. additional information: if you enter line type, then the application enters the uom with the default value from the line type, and is disabled for update. shipping: displays the status and details of shipping activity, initiated in the deliverable tracking system and integrated with oracle shipping execution. the deliverable field value in the deliverable tracking system window defaults to 1 per line item.

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on the contract lines window, the other region, the information entered in the data item section defaults to the fields on the deliverable tracking system window and are used to flag this functionality. you can view all associated subcontract information for the main contract by navigating to the deliverable tracking information window. next, default deliverables to display contract lines on the deliverable tracking system window. you can view the all associated procurement information for the contract by navigating to the deliverable tracking information window. if you make changes to your contract lines in the authoring workbench, you can forward those changes to the deliverables tracking system. the print form values entered on the contract authoring workbench default to the deliverable tracking information window. you can use any web browser that supports javascript and frames to view and respond to your notifications in the notifications web page.

every contract manager has a system in place for tracking and monitoring agreements throughout the contract lifecycle. the first thing you should do when preparing to track your contracts and their details is to be sure you know where all of your agreements are located. once each new agreement has been executed, consider documenting every piece of important data that needs to be monitored so you can create a game plan through the time the contract is retired and archived. staying ahead of dates and deadlines and proactively looking for risks and opportunities during the contract monitoring process will help you remain in control of your agreements and obligations.

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for example, when you know a contract end date is coming weeks or months ahead of time, you can work with other stakeholders to make an informed decision about renewing, renegotiating, or terminating the agreement. tracking and monitoring agreements is a critical part of the contract management process, but you also have to make sure that the information gets to the appropriate parties. here are some of the ways contract management software can help you accomplish the recommendations in the previous sections: a contract repository gives you a centralized place to store and organize your agreements so you can always find the documents you need quickly. alerts and notifications help you stay ahead of upcoming contract dates so you have plenty of time to take strategic action at the appropriate time.

i’ve hit a bit of a wall while setting up my company’s boards and am hoping to get some guidance. a little bit about what i need to do: i work for a marketing and content creation firm. what i need to do is have a board where i add each contract and the list of projects we need to complete for that contract. currently, i have each contract as a group on my active contracts board, and each project is an item in that group. would making each contract an item and the projects a sub-item somehow work better? yes, i’ve tried using the connect boards and mirror columns.

that is what i was using and having to connect from both boards. as long as you have an identifier on the project boards to match something back on the high-level board (project name, id, etc) you can use matching automations to connect everything on item creation or column change: green llamas is here to help you make all your people and projects green. it sounds like you’re facing some challenges while setting up your company’s boards. based on your description, it seems like you’re already on the right track with using the active contracts board and linking sub-boards to it. one approach you could try is making each contract an item on your active contracts board and treating the projects as sub-items within each contract. by doing this, the project statuses will roll up to the contract item, giving you a high-level view of each contract’s progress. to implement this, you can create a new item for each contract on the active contracts board, and within each contract item, create sub-items for the company projects associated with that contract.