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disclosure agreement template is a disclosure agreement sample that gives infomration on disclosure agreement design and format. when designing disclosure agreement example, it is important to consider disclosure agreement template style, design, color and theme. they denote an agreement between two or more parties to protect the exchange of confidential information a cda or nda assures the parties will protect any shared confidential information against unauthorized use or disclosure. in the case of industry sponsored clinical studies, the sponsor frequently will require a signed cda or nda  before disclosing its confidential information (e.g., the study protocol, study feasibility questionnaire or investigator brochures) to an investigator or institution. often an investigator uses a disclosure and the shared information to evaluate whether he or she is interested, has the right patient population and any other requirements for participation in the study. we use a cda or nda to protect confidential information. in the case of an industry sponsored clinical study, a cda or nda obligates the investigator, as well as any university staff sharing the information, to keepit confidential for a set period of time and to use the information only in determining an interest in participating in the study.

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in this case, the investigator may need to initiate the cda or nda, using the standard ub request form, available online. for industry sponsored clinical studies, generally the cda is initiated by the sponsor. ‘  once this is complete, the cda will be assigned to a clinical contracts administrator, elizabeth parsons or conor flynn, for review. for industry sponsored clinical studies, the contract administrator will review a cda within one week and send it back to the sponsor or the clinical research organization working on behalf of the sponsor. cdas are required to be submitted into click under the ‘agreements’ tab.