dividend portfolio spreadsheet template

dividend portfolio spreadsheet template is a dividend portfolio spreadsheet sample that gives infomration on dividend portfolio spreadsheet design and format. when designing dividend portfolio spreadsheet example, it is important to consider dividend portfolio spreadsheet template style, design, color and theme. although i shared the formula to pull dividend information automatically using google spreadsheet in the tutorial, many readers asked about sharing a dividend portfolio spreadsheet template that utilizes google spreadsheet to track their dividend portfolio and dividend income. the first sheet i rename it to dividend portfolio. for some reason, i wasn’t able to incorporate it into the actual formula. you would continue to get the same dividend info in the google dividend spreadsheet. to get the data needed, i used a simple function called sumifs. i have added a few notes in the document to answer some questions you might have. i can use finvz, but i’m looking for the dividend pay date. i figured out a fix via chatgpt- seems to work 95% of the time, sometimes throws and error, but seems to resolve within a few hours. i tried using parts of the formula and can import table 1 data from the url but not table 2 data, which used to have the dividend info. i love this spreadsheet, however this issue is frequent and making the sheet not reliable.

dividend portfolio spreadsheet format

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i have checked and rechecked the page source to make sure it isn’t a different table on the yahoo site for the tickers that the formula doesn’t work for. have noticed i needed to change some formulas for google that have =googlefinance(“tse:su”,”price”) instead of =googlefinance(c27,”price”) where c27 is the example field location of a stock. the way around it for me was to have a column with the exchange name and the ticker without .to; the formula for name was edited as follows: =googlefinance(f2&”:”&d2, “name”); and for pe used =iferror(googlefinance(f2&”:”&d2, “pe”), “”). i have a question: how did you pull the data for the hidden column o? i added a note in the template… for canadian stocks, you may need to use ca.finance.yahoo.com rather than finance.yahoo.com. do i need to change the formula at all to get the dividend information to pull for canadian stocks? that change retrieves the ttm distribution yield of 1.90% and i see you use that to calculate the annual div $/share in your template. i used the importfromweb function, but it maxes out at a certain # of calculations / month and then starts asking you to pay for it, otherwise it returns error messages. is sheet doing something like if i select drip yes for a stock then the sheet will automatically add the dividend amount to the total invested on that stock.. thanks for the patience. thanks i changed the formula to fromtheweb but in the coloum it says “#activate” any idea why this could be.