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employee performance tracking template is a employee performance tracking sample that gives infomration on employee performance tracking design and format. when designing employee performance tracking example, it is important to consider employee performance tracking template style, design, color and theme. there are a number of myths that prevent managers from being strong, but one of the most common questions we hear at rainmakerthinking is, “how can i possibly keep track of my employees’ work on a regular basis?” so many managers feel there is simply not enough time for them to effectively monitor each employee’s progress while completing their own work at the same time. that’s been true for some time now! this one step alone will radically improve any manager’s ability to stay on top of the details and hold people accountable. one of the most effective ways to monitor an employee’s performance is with your own eyes. if you are having difficulties helping an employee succeed with a particular task, “shadow” that employee while they do the task. in every one-on-one conversation with every employee, ask for an account of what that person has done since your last conversation: “what concrete actions did you take? asking for an account is the number one method for holding a person accountable for his actions.

employee performance tracking format

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employees can monitor whether they are meeting goals and deadlines laid out in a project plan, make notations within checklists, and report to the manager at regular intervals. each time the employee moves on to a new activity, they note the time and the new activity they are turning to. if they are responsible for an end product, spot-check it while the are working on it. if the employee makes phone calls, record them and listen to a random sample. always ask question about the employee’s work, never about the person. and don’t believe everything you hear; the unverified statements of third parties are simply hearsay. but the more you keep your ear to the ground, the more you know which sources can be trusted.