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equipment management software template is a equipment management software sample that gives infomration on equipment management software design and format. when designing equipment management software example, it is important to consider equipment management software template style, design, color and theme. you need to keep your equipment running for as long as possible and if it fails before its expected useful life, that’s money down the drain. our managerplus lightning equipment maintenance management software can show you where your costs are going and how you can get the most out of your budget. you already invest quite a lot to keep your equipment up and running and lightning can help make sure you’re using your resources effectively. with managerplus lightning, you can keep track of everything you need to know about your assets to keep them going. managerplus keeps your maintenance work on track by helping you schedule, track, and maintain digital records of all your maintenance activities. use our equipment planning software to schedule your work and technicians so your equipment is always ready to go when your team needs it.

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lightning keeps all your work orders online so both your internal and external teams can update and complete them from wherever they are. lightning keeps track of your inventory for you and makes it easy to reorder whatever you need, so you never waste time looking for parts. you can even have our teams come out to your site and work with you directly to get your assets and inventory loaded seamlessly into the software. depending on your needs, we will customize an implementation solution specifically for you, so you get the right amount of assistance. managerplus lightning is built on an open api so we can help you develop specific tools to integrate your data into the platform. our highly trained teams will perform an on-site audit of all your assets, inventory, and vendors and import all your data into our system for you, so you don’t miss a beat.

b2w maintain is a flexible computerized maintenance management system (cmms). managers can set up recurring maintenance to occur per piece of equipment based on custom defined meter- or calendar-based triggers. generate repair requests from electronic inspection forms using b2w inform, or create them in b2w maintain and b2w track. plan work for maximum efficiency and minimum downtime by grouping multiple repair items together. combine schedule and telematics data with a view of equipment locations and associated work to optimize efficiency of mechanics on the job. contractors specify the type of work performed and the condition, cause and correction in a structured format. the b2w maintain dashboard gives construction managers and executives an easy-to-read snapshot of maintenance activities and kpi metrics. choose to view the schedule of maintenance activities for one day or multiple days. this b2w equipment maintenance app makes it easy and efficient to communicate rich data in real time.

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create and fulfill repair requests and work orders in the shop or in the field. centralized and easily accessible data on maintenance history and costs helps contractors make informed decisions about maintaining or replacing equipment. managers can set locations and bins, and adjust inventory where needed and view inventory history. part ordering considers current inventory, parts on order and parts already allocated to work orders. b2w maintain amplifies the value of telematics data. b2w maintain manages and tracks warranties for equipment, components, sub-components and parts. the system generates active-warranty notifications on repair requests and work orders. b2w connects the office, field and shop. deploy the b2w platform on servers or eliminate in-house it requirements, costs and security concerns with a high-performance cloud option. customized in-person and online options and resources make it easy for users to get started quickly and increase proficiency over time.

with 34 years in developing custom solutions, sciencesoft designs and develops equipment management software that serves unique business needs an equipment management system is used to monitor the performance of enterprise equipment, manage equipment life cycle from planning to disposal, and automate its maintenance processes. the equipment management system integrates with erp, mes, plc, hmi, and more. sciencesoft’s team will gladly deliver a powerful equipment management solution to enable real-time tracking, facilitated maintenance, and ai-based optimization of your equipment. the dashboards are tailored to specific user roles (e.g., an equipment operator, a maintenance worker, a supervisor) to maximize the efficiency of provided information. the implementation costs of equipment management software for a midsize business vary greatly depending on the number and types of equipment, the number of users and their roles, features and integrations required, and other factors.

the tool enables equipment tracking, booking, check-in/check-out as well as equipment maintenance management. fiix is maintenance tracking software that keeps detailed records of equipment performance and maintenance history. the qr code is generated after an equipment record is created in fiix. for example, if you need to compare equipment performance and operation across multiple facilities. we offer advisory, design, implementation, support and evolution services to provide businesses with efficient equipment planning, tracking and life cycle management.