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equipment tracker template is a equipment tracker sample that gives infomration on equipment tracker design and format. when designing equipment tracker example, it is important to consider equipment tracker template style, design, color and theme. but with so many different types of vehicles, tools, and equipment, it can be challenging to know which gps tracker to choose? equipment gps trackers come in all shapes and sizes, from plug-and-play units to tamper-proof ruggedized devices. you will want to ensure the gps tracking vendor you choose not only offers a variety of trackers for all your vehicle and equipment types but allows you to view and manage all assets in a single platform. ruggedized gps trackers that can hold up to harsh conditions, including excess vibration and extreme weather, are perfect for heavy machinery. these devices also collect data to enable automated maintenance scheduling and work alongside in field apps for inspections. in addition to monitoring vehicle location and status, hardwired devices provide powerful analytics and diagnostics for both vehicle and driver behavior. from a business perspective, it is still important to monitor and track the location and status of lightweight on-road vehicles.

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powered tools and other assets, such as generators, light towers, and mobile signage, require location tracking, too. it’s important for inventory purposes to fully understand if, when, and where a powered asset is being used. gps equipment tracking can provide visibility into the chain of custody and maintenance for smaller tools as well. solar-powered trackers are also available for trailers and offer real-time location updates when trailers are in transit. in addition to location data, these trackers can alert management when an asset moves or leaves a geo-fenced area. a digital inventory of tools that require users to scan an item in and out can help when it comes to tracking down lost or stolen tools. gps trackers for equipment come in all shapes, sizes and use cases and should be tailored to your specific business needs.

linxup’s gps asset tracking solution provides oversight and security with our tracker devices monitoring the location of all your heavy-duty equipment and expensive tools, keeping your costs low at an affordable price. linxup’s gps tracker devices make it easy to monitor and secure the equipment and tools most essential for your line of work. make sure the right heavy equipment and tools go to your construction sites and stay on-site. know where your cargo is in transit and when it’s reached the destination. track light stacks, power generators, compressors, waste disposal bins, power packs, and more. track when boats are docked or cruising, as well as other waterborne assets, including fishing vessels, barge containers, tugboats, and more. our equipment trackers are also useful for locating bobcats, forklifts, skyjacks, plows, augers, pressure washers, blowers, trimmers, jack hammers, and more. quickly and easily gather insights on: linxup service provides connection to the 4g network that allows you to track vehicle locations. along with using this network, you will also receive: i bought this asset tracker for my backhoe and it was a breeze to install.

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they taught me how to best use the tracker and everything. even walked me through the web and mobile apps. i’ve been looking for gps tracking devices for a while, and linxup seems to hit the sweet spot on what i needed for the protection of my assets. ‘asset tracking’ is the means of monitoring the location and status of equipment and tools essential for business operations. asset tracking combines hardware and software into a whole solution based on gps technology. there are multiple models of tracker that are widely applicable to different tools and equipment. the atlt and solar devices attach quickly with optional high-powered magnets or screws. in addition to location, you can use equipment trackers to monitor usage habits, unauthorized movement, maintenance events, and more. send us an email with your question and someone will get back to you as soon as possible. get as many linxup gps trackers as you need to cover all of your vehicles, assets, and equipment at an affordable, reduced rate.

stop theft in its tracks and get a clear vision of utilization. utilize our graphical dashboard with real-time location updates so you can see where your assets are live. some of the data we collect from an ecu includes:  hardwire installations are common for equipment without an ecu or onboard computer. imagine it’s midnight on a saturday and the ignition was turned on in one of your machines. our onboarding support is dedicated to getting your gps technology set up and functional and getting you fully trained. we partnered with multi-million-dollar excavation and paving company deford contracting inc. strong market growth was straining their processes to assist with their heavy equipment tracking. to alleviate the strain of their processes, they implemented our tracking system.

all of our equipment tracking devices operate off of your equipment’s power source so you don’t have to worry about battery life either. prevent anyone from starting the equipment after hours or on weekends. monitor the arrival and departure of equipment on construction sites. these in-depth analytics help you improve equipment utilization fleet-wide. each gps tracker has an “almost no-fail” rate, ensuring our customers the highest quality product. additionally, when your assets depart the location, the system would log it as an “exit” event. additional options for non-powered assets and high-value tools.