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event tracker template is a event tracker sample that gives infomration on event tracker design and format. when designing event tracker example, it is important to consider event tracker template style, design, color and theme. eventtracker framework is eventtracker security llc flagship event log monitoring and management product. log volume analysis is similar to log analysis but with more bells and whistles, which gives you an incisive insight into the event traffic flow in your enterprise. relays local log data and is usually managed by the central eventtracker console. responsible for indexing the key words of event properties. to communicate with the eventtracker agent service and log search. fetches configuration assessment requests from queue and dispatches the request to eventtracker agents running on target system. event categories are used in reports, search and views.

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these are used in the tag cloud display in the search/refine dialog (eventtracker log search). to configure the system for reporting to multiple managers, to filter events, to monitor services, software installations, processes, system health, and to archive the events database. the data can be used to filter out irrelevant events and perform other operation tasks. 4.      in the search around option, the user can specify the time range to search a particular event property. if a non-admin user is promoted as an administrator then checkbox against the user is selected. if the user with which eventtracker configuration runs has changed the password, it is mandatory to re-run the eventtracker configuration with the updated password. when two users log in with the same user credentials, eventtracker logs out the first user and allows the second user to create the session.