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fmla tracker template is a fmla tracker sample that gives infomration on fmla tracker design and format. when designing fmla tracker example, it is important to consider fmla tracker template style, design, color and theme. this timesaving fmla tracking software is your answer to managing family and medical leave programs without the hassle of paper files and spreadsheets. our fmla online leave management system¬†is easy to use and is a¬†valuable fmla tracking tool for companies with 50+ employees. this invaluable tool is like having your own fmla compliance assistant at your fingertips. i have utilized the question area where you can ask questions on fmla issues and get assistance. the program provides step by step guidance for entering the data for each employee’s fmla case. i can then track when recertifications are needed and when someone is close to exhausting their fmla entitlement. it is very user-friendly and really takes the “guess-work” out of fmla. i especially love the “personal assistant” tool that comes with it. as an hr generalist it is very busy in the department and this tool cuts my time spent on fmla in half. the fmla manager has allowed me to spend less time computing and calculating time off.

fmla tracker format

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the personal assistant option is a life saver, when compliance questions surface. the tracking for multiple fmla conditions is very accurate.  the email notification for re-certifications is a very useful feature when managing several employees with chronic serious health condition. the fmla news and updates section is a great resource as well as the reporting features. it is an easy way to know how much time all employees have used and have remaining, even when employees have multiple fmla cases. there is a way to ask leave questions of experts. the system is reliable and any issues are addressed promptly. it has helped keep our fml certifications organized especially when figuring out the plan year for an employee and how many days are remaining. the tool is excellent for tracking fmla time taken. it has allowed us to accurately track fmla usage patterns and whenever a supervisor needs to compare their absenteeism records, we can simply pull the calendar from the jj keller tool. it’s a great work tool and resource! j. j. keller’s fmla manager service provides a reasonable and easy to use tool to manage this process.