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force majeure clause template is a force majeure clause sample that gives infomration on force majeure clause design and format. when designing force majeure clause example, it is important to consider force majeure clause template style, design, color and theme. force majeure is a clause that is included in contracts to remove liability for unforeseeable and unavoidable catastrophes that interrupt the expected course of events and prevent participants from fulfilling obligations. in common law systems, such as those of the united states and the united kingdom, force majeure clauses are acceptable but must be more explicit about the events that would trigger the clause. in short, the concepts that underpin force majeure are shifting. the international chamber of commerce has attempted to clarify the meaning of force majeure (although it is not included in the organization’s incoterms​) by applying a standard of “impracticability,” meaning that it would be unreasonably burdensome and expensive, if not impossible, to carry out the terms of the contract.

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the event that brings this situation about must be external to both parties, unforeseeable, and unavoidable. in general, for an event to trigger a force majeure clause, it must be unforeseeable, external to the parties of the contract, and serious enough that it renders it impossible for the party to perform its contractual obligations. conversely, if an average joe stands to benefit from a force majeure exception, they might not have the financial muscle to prove that the event in question qualifies. “the principle pacta sunt servanda and the nature of obligation under international law.”

a key tool in managing the risk of such challenging circumstances is the force majeure clause. whether negotiating with or without the assistance of legal counsel, the following key elements of a force majeure clause should be addressed: determining which types of circumstances will be covered by the force majeure clause is essential. courts tend to interpret force majeure clauses narrowly; that is, only the events listed and events similar to those listed will be covered. to the extent possible, take into consideration the location of the meeting and any special needs or responsibilities of your organization and the meeting participants. asking and answering these types of questions will help you anticipate and specify the most critical force majeure events for your meeting.

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additionally, even if you have negotiated a specified list of force majeure events, be sure to carefully read the language that comes before and after the list. although a force majeure clause should always allow for complete cancellation of a meeting without penalty, cancellation will not always be the meeting planner’s preferred course of action. to help make going-forward a viable option in such circumstances, the force majeure clause should be drafted to excuse liability associated not just with nonperformance (i.e. a carefully negotiated force majeure clause is an important tool for reducing the risk of liability associated with cancelling or scaling back a planned meeting in response to a disaster. to read the entire section, visit the association trends website.

force majeure is a concept in contract law that describes a clause, included in many contracts, that frees the parties to the contract from their contractual obligations in the event of highly unusual and unforeseen circumstances. as a provision in contract law, there are several key elements that must be present for the force majeure clause to apply: a force majeure clause in a contract usually specifically spells out the type of events or circumstances that the parties to the contract agree would constitute a force majeure occurrence and trigger the clause into effect.

in such an event, the force majeure clause in the contract would relieve company abc of its obligations to company xyz, at least for the period of time that the embargo remained in effect. force majeure contract clauses effectively triggered by the pandemic are likely to happen in circumstances where the lockdown and quarantine requirements imposed by the government make it impossible for one or both parties to fulfill their contractual obligations. upgrading to a paid membership gives you access to our extensive collection of plug-and-play templates designed to power your performance—as well as cfi’s full course catalog and accredited certification programs.