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gas mileage log template is a gas mileage log sample that gives infomration on gas mileage log design and format. when designing gas mileage log example, it is important to consider gas mileage log template style, design, color and theme. download a printable gas mileage log that you can keep in your car or download our mileage calculator for excel to create a mileage chart so you can see how your car is performing over time, and estimate the $cost per mile. whenever you re-fuel, take an extra minute to jot down your miles and how much fuel you’ve added. download and print this mileage log. this will make the log a convenient size and just the right thickness to allow you to keep it in your car and write down the date, odometer reading, amount of fuel put in, and the $ cost. create a mileage chart so you can see your average gas mileage, estimate the cost per mile, print your mileage log, and see whether you can increase your mileage. that is where the mileage calculator spreadsheet comes in handy. the blue line is the mpg for my car over the last few months. i was doing a test to see whether i could improve my mileage by not accelerating so much.

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my car is supposed to get 28-32 mpg, but it was averaging 27, so i wanted to make sure it wasn’t the car that was the problem. another thing that you can see from the chart is the cost per mile. that will obviously change with the gas and oil market, but it can be handy to know that value in case you are trying to estimate your fuel cost for a long trip or vacation. this can mess up the mileage log, because you won’t know exactly how much gas you used. if you run into this case, then on your print-out that you keep in your car, record the date, the amount spent, and the fuel you added. when you record the value in the spreadsheet, you’ll need to add these amounts to the values that you record the next time you fill up. in the spreadsheet you’d record one entry for 7/30/08, listing the odometer reading, 5+8=13 gallons of fuel added, and $20+$32=$52 for the total cost. how to avoid this scenario: the only way to calculate the mileage is to know how far you went and how much fuel was used. best and worst mpg at – is your car on the list?

keeping track of your mileage for tax purposes can be a hassle, but having a reliable mileage log can make the process much easier. the most important thing about tracking your mileage is to track it consistently — every trip, every time. your mileage log is important for proving your tax claim and determining the amount you can deduct. of course, keeping detailed records of all your trips takes the guesswork out of calculating your specific mileage for each category. to use this excel mileage log template, you need to track your mileage manually in a notebook.

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mileage tracking apps use this and let you track your mileage easily, without any extra effort. this way, you avoid hanging onto a shoebox full of receipts and the end-of-the-month scramble to enter your data into a spreadsheet. whether you use the everlance app, our excel mileage log template, or even a notebook, the key to getting the most out of your mileage deduction is to track every single trip and maintain detailed records of your mileage. for those of you that are still using a mileage log book to record your daily business mileage, we wanted to take a moment to show you how you could be saving hundreds of hours every year using an automatic mileage tracking app like everlance. a successful marketing plan relies heavily on the pulling-power of advertising copy.