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habit tracker spreadsheet template is a habit tracker spreadsheet sample that gives infomration on habit tracker spreadsheet design and format. when designing habit tracker spreadsheet example, it is important to consider habit tracker spreadsheet template style, design, color and theme. despite the best of intentions, staying on top of good habits can be harder than it sounds, and bad habits quickly creep back in. a habit tracker template helps you set goals and then break those goals down into small actions you can do regularly to achieve positive change. the clickup personal habit tracker is a free habit tracker template that helps you master your daily activities, supporting healthy habits as you work toward your goals. the clickup work to do template helps you get your tasks done quickly, efficiently, and in the right order, creating good habits that get you to your goals. this free habit tracker template shows you all your tasks in a timeline format so you can easily visualize what you need to do.

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you can use this template as a daily, weekly, or monthly habit tracker, depending on how far in advance you prefer to plan. you can also measure your satisfaction levels for each task by selecting a number of hearts out of five for the “how happy are you with your progress?” custom field. the template also encourages you to think more deeply about your goals and identify any potential roadblocks that might arise. you can specify the weekly or monthly habit tracker as if it’s a recurring task and then change the status from incomplete to complete when it’s done. sign up for clickup for free and get access to our wide range of habit tracker templates and so much more.

it’s designed with a blogger or business owners in mind, but it’s great for any goals that you want to track…fitness, health, finance, and more! it’s designed with a specific purpose in mind – keep tracking of recurring tasks for your business. i also have a blog that started as a “side-hustle” but has grown to over 100k page views. your typical habit tracker focuses on daily habits. while this may not necessarily be building your typical “habits”, i wanted to keep track of this routine. i wanted to be able to visualize just how many pins i was posting to pinterest each month, or how frequently i was writing blog posts. you have to keep at it.

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or, many people think they are doing a lot of work on their side-hustle, but next thing you know you realize it’s been two weeks since you’ve published anything. it’s like going to the gym – if you ask the typical person how often they go, they might say 3-4 times a week. this was my motivation for creating this habit tracker, and i personally use it to track my business goals. in the “progress” tab it automatically will count how many checks you have for that habit. perhaps you have a health goal to run 4 times a week. you’ll be able to easily measure your progress in a single glance to see if you really are hitting those 4 times a week. i recommend bookmarking this spreadsheet so you have easy access to it. if you have any questions about our free google sheets habit tracker, feel free to email us at hello (at) youryearcalendar.com or leave a comment below.

one way to hold yourself accountable when you’re trying to create new habits is by using a habit tracker, so you can visually measure whatever it is you want to work on; think of it like a personal inventory of the tasks or behaviors you want to get better at or simply do more often. you can easily create a habit tracker in google sheets without having to know a single formula — it can be as simple as listing the dates of the month in the first column and the habits you want to track along the top row. however you create your habit tracker, you can make it even more useful to you by using smart chips. whether you use columns or rows for your time range, you can simply type “@date” into the first milestone cell and select a date. once you’ve added your start day, sheets can automatically add dates and days of the week. then drag the cursor to your desired amount of cells; i’d suggest a month’s worth of dates to start. in sheets you can also use the calendar events smart chip to add events directly from your google calendar.

if one of the habits you want to track is reading or meditating and you’ve added reminders or dedicated time in your schedule to do these things, you can dedicate a row or column to these events by hitting “@” in the correct cell and scrolling until you see the event. you can add workspace files to your habit tracker using smart chips — just hit “@” and scroll down to insert a specific google doc (or a slide if presentations are more your thing) to the cell. (oh, you always feel great on days you took a walk, stayed hydrated, and got enough sleep? option number one is hit “@” and scroll down to select “dropdowns” — this allows you to create a dropdown menu that you can customize with your choice of options (i.e. here’s how that works: when you hit the dropdowns smart chip, a menu will appear on the right-hand side of your sheet. you can change the color of the dropdown options by clicking on the circle next to the option title. then you can assign a mood to any given day. another option is to use an emoji, also in smart chips: hit “@” then scroll all the way down to “emoji” (or simply type @emoji).