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indemnity contract template is a indemnity contract sample that gives infomration on indemnity contract design and format. when designing indemnity contract example, it is important to consider indemnity contract template style, design, color and theme. as the indemnitor, you want an indemnity agreement that holds your company liable only for its negligent acts or breach of contract. you should consider this when specifying the state law that will govern the agreement.‌ your indemnity agreement may also state that the courts will have jurisdiction to settle any dispute or claim that may arise from the agreement.‌ the indemnification clause is the crux of your indemnity agreement. ‌it’s common to state that an indemnitee will not be indemnified where the indemnitee: an indemnity agreement should provide how the indemnitee will give the indemnitor notice of a claim or dispute covered under the indemnity agreement.

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for a large organization, this can quickly amount to hundreds or even thousands of indemnity agreements you need to manage.‌ indemnity agreements will either expose or protect your organization from liability. using templates to generate indemnity agreements will not only save you time, but will also keep those agreements in compliance with your company’s standards.‌‌ we said earlier that an indemnity agreement is one of the most contentious contracts to negotiate. to evaluate the accuracy, sufficiency, or reliability of the ideas and guidance reflected here, or the applicability of these materials to your business, you should consult with a licensed attorney.

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the seller is therefore in a better position to mitigate losses and liabilities related to the goods than the buyer. most indemnification provisions require the indemnifying party to “indemnify and hold harmless” the indemnified party for specified liabilities. they can vary according to the particulars of the transaction and are subject to negotiation. the indemnified party typically wants to use a broad nexus phrase, such as “related to,” because it expands the scope of the indemnity. indemnified parties with a lot of negotiating power may seek indemnification for their own negligence and insist that the exception apply only to gross negligence.

in effect, the indemnity clause shifts the risk of that event occurring from the indemnified party to the indemnifying party. the indemnifying party also benefits from an indemnity clause, in the sense that the other party is better incentivized to enter into a contractual relationship with them. for example, there would be no limit to the amount a contractor could owe the owner for an indemnification event under a bare indemnity clause. a third-party indemnity clause aims to indemnify against damages and expenses arising from claims by third parties, as opposed to losses caused by one of the contracting parties.

in addition to following general principles for effective contract writing, drafting an indemnity clause requires the inclusion of some essential elements and considerations. so if a software developer is agreeing to indemnify the other contracting party for third-party ip infringement claims, they would want the indemnification limited to knowing cases of infringement, as opposed to infringements arising “knowingly or unknowingly.” also outline the maximum payment amounts (also known as liability caps) in an indemnity clause. for a mutual indemnity clause, the contract could state that “each party agrees to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless each other for and from any loss or liability arising from the party’s breach of the contract.”  here the breach of contract is the indemnification event. for this reason, clients count on legal professionals to think through all of the potential consequences of indemnity provisions. learn everything you need to know in this blog… we’re the world’s leading provider of cloud-based legal software.