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job tracker template is a job tracker sample that gives infomration on job tracker design and format. when designing job tracker example, it is important to consider job tracker template style, design, color and theme. take this all-too-common situation: somewhere between your second interview at one company and your fourth email to another, you realize you never confirmed times for that one call, you applied for the same position twice, and you forgot to submit that mandatory writing sample on time. before i ended up at the muse, i applied for 183 positions in one summer—and there’s no way i could’ve kept it all together without a way to organize and track my progress. to download your own copy and get started, click file > download as > whatever file type you’d like, or make a copy in google sheets by clicking file > make a copy. you only need to insert the role you’re interested in and check off tasks as you complete them. when you see one that’s a great match, add it to a row under the columns “company” and “job posting” (you can write down the name of the role or link the url for easy access). also note when you found it under “date job was found” so you can keep track of how much time you have to apply before the job’s filled. once that’s done, check “yes” under the “apply” column and note the date next to it.

job tracker overview

send a follow-up email to check on the status of your application, then select “yes” under “send a follow-up email” and note the date. if you get a call for an interview, congrats! don’t just work on answering some of the more common interview questions you could be asked—use your initial research into the company, its mission, and its culture to come up with your own questions to ask at the end, too. once these are both done, check “yes” under “send a thank you note” and “send a follow-up email” and note the dates they’re completed. if you complete one of these, check “yes” under “take the test” (scroll all the way to the right in the spreadsheet) and follow up after you complete it if you don’t hear back after a while. for example, a coffee date you went on with someone at the company, or a question you want to follow up on after the interview, or the name of the hiring manager that you don’t want to forget. if you’re looking for a little more customization, you can change the name of each task or add steps to the process. or maybe color-coding is more your style—you can use conditional formatting to make the data easier to see at a glance (we’ve done that for you already, but go ahead and choose your own colors).

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