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lease agreement georgia template is a lease agreement georgia sample that gives infomration on lease agreement georgia design and format. when designing lease agreement georgia example, it is important to consider lease agreement georgia template style, design, color and theme. the georgia lease agreement is a legal form that is used for the purpose of recording the terms & conditions specific to the use of real property. lease to own agreement – customized to fit the needs of a lessee who would like the possibility of buying the real estate throughout the duration of the contract. roommate agreement – employed when an individual, who is currently listed on the lease of a residential property, would like to rent out a specific portion of the dwelling to another person. flood (§ 44-7-20) – if flooding has occurred within the property a minimum of three (3) times within the past five (5) years, the lessor is obligated by law to disclose this information prior to the execution of the lease/rental agreement.

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pre-existing defects (§ 44-7-33(a)) – landlord must provide a list of any defects/damages that may be contained within the property prior to receiving the prospective tenant’s security deposit. if a landlord would like to charge a late fee, it must be within reason and the details disclosed within the contract prior to the tenancy. there is no regulation that limits the amount one can charge for a security deposit. there is no period of time prescribed by the state for a landlord to give advanced notice before entering the premises of a tenant.