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locker agreement template is a locker agreement sample that gives infomration on locker agreement design and format. when designing locker agreement example, it is important to consider locker agreement template style, design, color and theme. the reserve bank of india had set december 31, 2023, as the deadline for all banks to get all locker holders to sign a revised bank locker agreement. earlier, the deadline to sign and complete the revised locker agreements was december 31, 2022. but on january 23, 2023, the central bank extended the deadline, saying they noticed that many customers still haven’t signed the new agreement and are having trouble doing so. “banks were required to renew their locker agreements with existing locker customers by january 1, 2023. however, it has come to the notice of the reserve bank that a large number of customers are yet to execute the revised agreement and are facing difficulties in doing the same.

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3. considering the above aspects, the deadline for banks is being extended in a phased manner to december 31, 2023,” the rbi said in the circular issued on january 23, 2023. the central bank had also saidâ the lockers that had been locked due to non-execution of agreement by january 1, 2023, (the previous deadline), should be unfrozen immediately. in its january 2023 circular, the rbi said it is crucial for customers to finish the process before the deadline, december 31, 2023, to avoid their bank locker being frozen. a union bank spokesperson told toi that 80% of the customers had executed the new locker agreement. the reserve bank of india (rbi) had framed new rules for bank safe deposit lockers in response to a supreme court order in 2021. the order asked the rbi to redefine the responsibilities and liabilities of banks and their locker users.