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meeting attendance tracker template is a meeting attendance tracker sample that gives infomration on meeting attendance tracker design and format. when designing meeting attendance tracker example, it is important to consider meeting attendance tracker template style, design, color and theme. enable attendance reports to view and download important attendance details during and after your meeting. your admin needs to turn on this feature to make it available. participants can decide whether they want their information shown in attendance reports by going to settings > privacy in teams and turning the identify me in attendance reports toggle on or off. in channel meetings, the attendance report is available only for the most recent meeting from the channel, but you can go to the meeting invite page in teams calendar for all channel meeting attendance reports. a tile labeled attendance report will pop into the chat about five minutes after your meeting ends. note: for recurring meetings, you’ll receive a unique attendance report after each occurrence.

meeting attendance tracker overview

you will not see the tile in meeting chat for meetings with less than 2 attendees. to view the attendance reports for meetings created in channels, click more actions > view meeting details, and navigate to the attendance tab. in meetings with more than 120 participants, the attendance report that’s available during the meeting will only include a partial list of attendees. if a channel meeting is in progress and someone starts a second meeting within the same channel conversation, an attendance report will be available only for the second meeting. you can go to the attendance tab in the teams calendar invite for all channel meeting attendance reports. view attendance reports directly in the microsoft teams mobile app to gain insight into your meetings and webinars.

due to lockdowns the mode of teaching has completely shifted online and google meet is one of the most popular platforms chosen by many schools and universities to connect with their students and one of the main challenges faced by teachers in the online mode of teaching is tracking attendance so we decided to automate the attendance taking process in google meet to automate the attendance taking process and generate detailed attendance report by moitoring every participants attended duration in the google meet platform to solve this problem we developed a chrome extension, that tracks the presence of the participants in the meet by monitoring participants’ names from dom elements every second and provides a report of all participants with their respective time percentage of attending the session and these reports are saved locally in the user’s system and they can be viewed any time and user can delete the report if they no longer need it excellent..!! it gives the name of the participants as well as the duration they attended. date of the meeting. i assume, it would be easy to just add system date in dd-mmm-yyyy format just above the start time.

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and the layout is very good. it even has the download button. it would have been much better if we can see email address of the participants too. i really liked it! i tried many extensions and finally got this as the best of them.