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mou for partnership template is a mou for partnership sample that gives infomration on mou for partnership design and format. when designing mou for partnership example, it is important to consider mou for partnership template style, design, color and theme. as the central international office, geo facilitates and coordinates global engagement at uc berkeley. geo provides resources and guidance for faculty and staff seeking to establish international partnerships or agreements. geo provides guidance and resources for uc berkeley faculty and staff seeking to host international visitors, as well as international institutions and organizations seeking to explore partnerships or visit berkeley. mous presented by international partners can carry the same obligations as contracts if not carefully reviewed, so administrators, faculty, and deans should not enter into such agreements without prior review by geo or the appropriate central office. initating unit should consider uc berkeley’s principles of international engagement to ensure that international partnerships are aligned with the university’s mission.

mou for partnership format

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in partnership with export control, geo utilizes visual compliance to perform restricted party screenings on all individuals and organizations named in a mou to ensure we are not interacting with restricted, denied, or debarred parties in violation of united states law. in order to ensure consistency of the terms, english is the preferred language for all campuswide mous. uc berkeley does not include logos of either party in the header of its agreements. in addition, per policy issued by the university of california, office of the president, uc berkeley does not authorize use of its trademark in non-binding mous. for international institutions  or internal units that wish to issue a press release upon full execution of a non-binding mou, uc berkeley will need to review the draft before its release and the content should be factual and reflective of the actual mou.