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you’re in the thick of week two of negotiations on a term sheet with a potential investor and you can’t help but wonder why you’re spending so much time on a document that has “nonbinding” written all over it. confidentiality refers to the request by venture capitalists (vcs) or potential investors to keep the term sheet and its specific terms confidential, in part to protect the vc’s ability to evaluate companies and propose winning terms. having an exclusivity provision in a term sheet makes it more likely that the deal will be consummated. have you also noticed that your term sheet includes a provision requiring the parties to negotiate in good faith?

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in delaware, for instance, a signed term sheet may be considered a preliminary agreement, that while not binding in regard to consummating the proposed transaction, still requires the parties to negotiate in good faith toward that goal. in 2013 it held that if the parties would have reached a definitive agreement but for the bad faith of the breaching party, the non-breaching party could recover contract expectation damages in an amount equal to the value that it could have reasonably expected to receive under a definitive agreement having those terms set forth in the term sheet. if the parties want to be able to walk away without any liability while drafting the definitive agreement, the term sheet should clearly state so and should not include an obligation for either party to negotiate in good faith. whenever expenses are included in a term sheet, founders should have clarity on whether such provisions are meant to be binding, and if so, they should ensure that the company will not be required to fund expenses if the financing doesn’t close.

the reasons for using a term sheet in these situations are pretty easy to see: everyone understands that these are major deals that require a lot of time and legal spend to fully negotiate and document out. a term sheet is a document that sets out the important business and legal points for a particular proposed deal in a high level/summary manner so there is an agreed-upon framework to work from to guide the drafting and negotiation of the legally binding documentation for that deal.

on the other hand, a term sheet is probably not going to be as necessary when your business is working a deal – even if it’s a really big deal, dollar-wise – that involves the same business terms, and the same legal documentation, of the kind your business customarily enters into. one way to discover this is when you ask to include specific language in the term sheet for an item of particular importance and the other side instead pushes to keep the language for that item fuzzy and lacking in detail. this happens when you agree on a term sheet and then, in the middle of negotiating the actual legal documents, the other side tries to suddenly change the deal terms to exploit some perceived advantage.