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none of this should be construed to be legal advice, and if you have any questions about employment law and your specific circumstances, you should consult a lawyer. in legal terms, “to disparage” means “to criticize, belittle, discredit, dishonor, or lower in esteem.” you are promising to never say anything negative about your former company and possibly a lot of things associated with it, including the services or products it offers, the people who run it, and so on. if you sign a separation agreement with your former employer containing a non-disparagement clause and then say, write, or otherwise communicate something negative about your former employer, you will be in breach of contract. the people who run that dump have their heads up their asses, and the only reason they’re still around is a lack of competition and dumb luck.” probably not a problem.

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reddit has a large user base, but the details in your post or your writing style might give you away. there’s a much greater likelihood that what you post or your writing style might give you away. what i can definitively tell you, in spite of not being a lawyer, is that non-disparagement clauses are still being included in separation agreements, which are contracts. please keep in mind that i am not a lawyer, and even if i were, i’m not your lawyer, and this is not legal advice: i’ve also avoided saying, writing, or doing anything negative about those companies. in my particular case — and remember, everyone’s case is different — i would come off more as an angry yelp reviewer than an avenging angel if i were to publicly bad-mouth a former employer.

the value of these clauses is up for debate, and whether they should be included in any particular agreement varies from situation to situation. and like with all other contractual terms, the devil lies in the details as the michigan court of appeals recently made clear in neal v ingham county (case no. the employer agrees that the prosecuting attorney and the employer’s commissioners, elected officials, managers, agents, and employees will not at any time make any disparaging statements concerning [plaintiff] or activities in connection with his employment.” several years later, the plaintiff applied for a job as an assistant public defender with the defendant. the plaintiff eventually filed suit, alleging that the people with whom the cpd spoke violated the non-disparagement clause and caused him not to be hired.

if you are involved in the negotiation of a settlement or severance agreement, particularly one with a non-disparagement clause, and would like it reviewed, please contact vincent c. sallan or the clark hill attorney with whom you regularly work. the information in this publication is not intended to create, and receipt of it does not constitute, a lawyer-client relationship. in this webinar, our presenters will provide a high-level overview of a typical saas transaction our goal is to help you make informed decisions regarding the scope of work and resource commitment required to complete these types of transactions. the clark hill approach is equally pragmatic and growth-minded, which is why we understand our clients’ toughest business challenges.