notion period tracker template

notion period tracker template is a notion period tracker sample that gives infomration on notion period tracker design and format. when designing notion period tracker example, it is important to consider notion period tracker template style, design, color and theme. the notion period tracker by nellienotion is the perfect tool to track your menstrual cycle and stay on top of your reproductive health. notion period tracker by nellienotion is the original (first-ever) period tracker template created for notion to automatically calculate: if you need more comprehensive period tracking, you can upgrade to the extended version 2.0. these are also original formulas created by nellienotion such as the yearly estimates predictions, auto menstrual cycle phases, (including current), fertile days, birth control pill pack and much more. i offer the original version and an extended version. both will automatically predict your period, ovulation, and fertile window.

notion period tracker format

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