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outreach tracking spreadsheet template is a outreach tracking spreadsheet sample that gives infomration on outreach tracking spreadsheet design and format. when designing outreach tracking spreadsheet example, it is important to consider outreach tracking spreadsheet template style, design, color and theme. at my recent measurefest talk, i gave tips to help improve efficiency using google sheets. here we are going to follow through with this idea and create a fully functioning tracker using google sheets. this can also be shared between the whole outreach team so that duplicate outreach is avoided. i’ll go through step-by-step so that you can understand the inner workings and feel comfortable modifying it to your liking. this formula will look at the tracker and pull in the number of live links for each specific client. this is blank in the example as it should be specific to your client. in column a, we’re going to add a drop-down so we can select the client. to do this, highlight a2:a, click data (in the top bar), then data validation. most of this is already prepared for what we need, we just need to update the target range. in column f, we are going to add a similar drop-down, but this time based on the stage section in the “templates” tab.

outreach tracking spreadsheet overview

here we are going to change the criteria drop-down to “list of items”. this allows us to add different options to the drop-down manually. each stage in the drop down on column f is included as an option (this will need to be customised to your specific stages). customise the number of wait days to match your outreach process. we will use this to colour column g one of three colours based on the contents of the cell and today’s date. an additional drop-down will appear – select “today” from this and change the formatting style to red. follow the steps above, but select “date is” in the format rules and select yellow for the formatting style. add one last rule with the steps from above, but select “date is after” in the format rules and select green for the formatting style. this will highlight any contact who does not yet need to be contacted again. in case you scrolled past the link above, you can get the outreach tracker in google sheets here.

as an email marketer, you’ll most likely start your campaign with a google spreadsheet for prospecting and list management. when you google “outreach tracker” or “outreach tracking spreadsheet,” you’ll find numerous downloadable outreach tracking templates. there is no email marketing solution on the market that can connect to a spreadsheet in the same way the user has customized it, access its data to send personalized emails, and update it automatically with campaign statistics such as email opens, clicks, and replies. this article will show you how to use google spreadsheets as an automated outreach tracker. you are free to personalize and build your spreadsheet in any way you like. you may add additional columns in your spreadsheet as per your use case.

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if you already have a google spreadsheet template that works for you, simply format it as shown below: note: if you haven’t given gmass permission to write to your sheets, a pop-up will appear asking you to allow it. you may also personalize your emails with gmass using the outreach spreadsheet data. insert merge variables (or placeholders) in your email subject or message wherever you want to personalize it. for example, if the column is called name, you may use {name} in your gmail template to personalize it depending on that merge field. when you use gmass to send an outreach campaign, you’ll be able to track its progress in your outreach tracking spreadsheet. for example, on the first email “open,” gmass will label the spreadsheet column “opened,” and an x will be placed in the corresponding row to indicate that it’s open. in addition, you can use this data to further refine follow-up campaigns by filtering on the columns that have values equal to x.