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overtime tracking spreadsheet template is a overtime tracking spreadsheet sample that gives infomration on overtime tracking spreadsheet design and format. when designing overtime tracking spreadsheet example, it is important to consider overtime tracking spreadsheet template style, design, color and theme. this is a dynamic timesheet template in excel where you can change the start date and the weekends. i can’t imagine how complicated the formula would be to get this working properly because to account for potential work days for a seven day week, the calculations have to start on a sunday and end on saturday. i have searched the internet for days trying to find a compatible template and this is the best one i have found :-). example: 45 minute break should be 0.75, but when i enter that it changes to 0.8. is there a way to correct this? however, and as several people have pointed out in different ways, this time sheet is not good for the u.s., because for the most part, states regulate that ot starts on the 41st worked hour in a week. i want the monthly time sheet to pay overtime only after 195 hours for the month including sunday work. the only time it will not be true is if the employee does not work a full 8-hr day one or more days in the week.

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i want to put duration work time and delete the break hours because my company pay for break time but when i delete break hours it all changed hi sumit, i really like this spreadsheet, one of the best around! so that is a project for myself, but if you were looking at a possible add to this template that would be useful to those that are in the same situation as i am. mark if you enter 0.75 in a cell and excel shows you 0.8 that is only due to formatting… but it will use 0.75 to calculate, as can be seen on the formula bar. i think the fomula calculates any hours worked outside the normal shift window is always overtime but not in this case… do you have a version of this with two types of overtime for example time and half and double time? hi i have questions about utilizing this for my company–i need to be able to change the start time and do not need the actual pay calculation. but, whenever i try to change the start time from 9:00 am to 8:am and the regular hours to 8 hours, it can seem to calculate correctly. best regards if i can make a proposition: this is perfect for an individual employee , but what if you have more employees and you want to have everything in one file ? i can have him fill in the blanks just need a table i guess.

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