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plant tracker template is a plant tracker sample that gives infomration on plant tracker design and format. when designing plant tracker example, it is important to consider plant tracker template style, design, color and theme. i have made a “plant tracker” with appdaemon. i use it to keep (manually) track of when my plants need water and thought it might be of use for others too. i find this especially useful for plants that needs water less than every week (partly because of my bad memory ) and to monitor how often the individual plants actually needs water. the script creates a sensor for each plant you want to track. the states are updated every day at a chosen time or when you press the button (when you have watered a plant). i bought a bunch of xiaomi soil sensors some time ago, but my wife surprisingly doesn’t want to have anything to do with helping me set it up. i figured i could do something like this to help me schedule extra or longer watering sessions with our drip system. this gives me motivation to try again. i also have a soil sensor and a diy watering machine lying around, and was thinking i would integrate it with the tracker at some point. any updates on this, as i am unable to integrate to love lace using romrider’s button card. any idea if i can integrate it with any other card system?

plant tracker format

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i’ve gotten this mostly working using mushroom entity cards, however my issue is that i can’t seem to figure out how to successfully call the watered script ( in @mountwebs setup). i have a button set up in a browser mod popup to call it and every time i press it nothing happens. once i get this working i’d love to share it with you all because this project is really cool! i setted up the script in appdaemon with a test plant. i’m sorry that i haven’t got around to answer any of you before now. the setup is just creating a simple service, so it should be straight forward to trigger it in another way than via the button card. i will set this up in another separate instance. @greybandit did you have the same issue as @andy_arbeit? @andy_arbeit it might be a permission issue. i think my issue is a little different than andy_arbeit’s. since then, i haven’t been able to get the script to update the db file whenever i select a button linked to the script.