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project delay tracker template is a project delay tracker sample that gives infomration on project delay tracker design and format. when designing project delay tracker example, it is important to consider project delay tracker template style, design, color and theme. according to a arcadis’ 2020 global construction disputes report, the global average value of disputes was $30.7 million usd in 2019. with so much importance put on managing costly construction delays, why don’t we have a better system to document and track delays? of course delays are documented on the project schedule, but there’s been really no single source of data to get a full view of delays and impacts. out of those course discussions our students wanted to have a template they could use to manage project delays. i’ve put together a simple construction delay log tracker template to help you keep your project delays all in one place. so what is the essential data to capture on our delay log tracker template? in case we are tracking a lot of items, it’s a good idea to assign each project delay an id number. here we can track whether the delay is ongoing (still open) or closed.

project delay tracker overview

try to be objective in your description here to craft a cause that everyone agrees with on both sides of the table. if you want, you can also extract the delay duration from these 2 dates. but remember that excel won’t adhere to your project calendar’s work and non-work days. does this delay impact activities on the project’s critical path? use this column to categorize your project delays. you can customize this column to categorize and track and delay type that’s important to you. if this project delay log template helps you out, i’d love to hear about it.

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