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project management kpi template is a project management kpi sample that gives infomration on project management kpi design and format. when designing project management kpi example, it is important to consider project management kpi template style, design, color and theme. below are 30 example project management kpis to get you heading in the right direction. you may also want to know whether the project helped you achieve the intended goals, and if the amount and types of resources you dedicated to it were appropriate and even optimal. before your organization gets down to work, it’s important for both the strategic management board and the project management office to discuss what factors will determine a project’s success and, by extension, which measures will matter most. project management kpi templates can be helpful, but it’s most important for kpis to be s.m.a.r.t: specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound. too many organizations track things simply because they always have, but that leads to an overabundance of questionable kpis. keep in mind that the more kpis you have, the more effort it takes to report on them.

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(not to mention, you’ll be inundated with information that makes it harder to determine what’s important and what’s not.) but working without a target adds a level of subjectivity to the measurement—how do you know if you’re doing well or not? if you’re not using a kpi when you’re making decisions for your organization or having a strategy meeting, that may be an indicator it’s not worthwhile to track. these kpis can be applied to any project management methodology you use. a project has many moving parts regardless of what project management methodology (like waterfall or agile) you use, and it is critical that you measure the timeliness, budget, quality, and effectiveness of the project along the way. and once you have your project portfolio, you can easily track the kpis for each project and automate your reporting with a tool like clearpoint.

kpis, or key performance indicators, use data to measure the factors that make a project successful. to maintain focus, use a limited number of kpis to help you meet the project objective and create accurate indicators of success. it’s also important to understand why, how, and where the budget shifts occurred, which is why cost-related kpis are beneficial. when this happens, it throws off the project flow and the team in the process. by applying these tips, you’ll ensure your kpis are capturing the necessary data to make sound decisions.

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but, creating kpis is pointless if you pull data from multiple sources or use a best guess to determine the outcome. if you assign multiple projects to a team without enough time to complete both, one of the projects will not be completed. if you know, for example, to go back and tweak something during the planning stage that will lead to a better outcome during the testing phase, then your kpis should lead you to action. choosing the right kpis is essential for monitoring and improving performance in different aspects of a business. data from hubstaff makes it simple to track the actual cost of labor and hit your project goals on time. with both, you can see how often shifts are on time, how much of the budget has been used, and if deadlines are being met.

project management kpis are generally agreed upon early in the project. they reflect the organization’s central concept of the project and solidify project responsibility across administrative divisions. understanding the role of kpis in project management can help build team synergy and provide a framework for the data collection needed to keep track of organizational project success. effective kpis should be: collectively, kpis are a powerful management tool to bring about organization-wide success. while the scope and terms of an organization’s kpis may differ from project to project, there are various types of data that can be helpful to any organization. understanding what tasks took more or less time can help in the efficient allocation of consulting and training time.

in addition, understanding which teams had to go above and beyond can help build a meaningful incentive and reward program, as well as improve time allocation planning. identifying milestones and achieving goals are important for maintaining project momentum. identifying when milestones are missed can help restart a project and mitigate similar challenges in the future. it can also help companies decide whether a project was worth the investment and assist managers in deciding whether to initiate similar projects. team competition, incentives and rewards can be a powerful motivating tool to keep project momentum pushing forward. using quantifiable and consistent kpis can help project managers assess project goals in an objective, fair and powerful way. harnessing the power of a strong key performance indicator strategy can help project managers lead their teams to higher standards, greater goals and successful projects.