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while every team’s definition of a successful project varies, most would define their success by how many projects they’ve delivered on time and without exceeding their budget. one of the methods that you can use to handle multiple projects is a pipeline. pms can use this detailed overview to quickly prioritize high-impact projects and handle any hurdles along the way. you can use a pipeline to track sales leads, marketing campaigns, construction workflows, and lots more. a marketing project management pipeline can be as simple as the pic above with “working on it,” done,” and “stuck” sections. sales teams use pipelines to track leads and their progression through the sales cycle.

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as you can see in the example below, takes it a step further than just essential details and status. product development teams can use a pipeline to manage data, carry out tests, and handle deployment. for example, a social media marketing project pipeline can have columns to depict the project’s name, the project lead, what platform the project is for (twitter, facebook, etc. you can create low-level project boards for the tasks within these projects and link the 2 using’s “connect boards” columns. project portfolio management (ppm) is the process of selecting, prioritizing, and managing projects in order to meet an organization’s strategic objectives. for example, you can use piles of folders to manage different projects manually, or you can speed things up with pipeline management through a work os like you can also take your project pipeline to the next level with automation and integrations.

pipeline project management is a method used to organize and manage the flow of work in a project. by having a clear understanding of what needs to be done at each stage, you and your team can stay on track and make sure that the project stays on schedule. this is where the project manager starts to build the foundation for the project and set the ball rolling. the project manager would then put together a team of experts, such as designers, developers, and marketers, to work on the project. this stage helps to keep the project on track and ensures that it is completed on time, within budget, and to a high standard. tools like asana, jira, or microsoft project offer a comprehensive set of features that enable you to build, manage, and visualize your project pipeline effortlessly.

this data is invaluable for making informed decisions and proving the roi of your project to stakeholders. the project demonstrates the importance of stakeholder management and the need for flexibility in project execution. the project emphasizes the need for a broad, holistic approach to project management. keep your project pipeline visible to all team members and stakeholders. if you’re ready to take your project management skills to the next level, give pipeline project management a try. once these are established, you can use project management software to create a visual pipeline where each project can be tracked as it moves from one stage to the next.