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reading tracker spreadsheet template is a reading tracker spreadsheet sample that gives infomration on reading tracker spreadsheet design and format. when designing reading tracker spreadsheet example, it is important to consider reading tracker spreadsheet template style, design, color and theme. you can modify or add columns of data and track the things that are important to you. new this year: i have a new and super powered version of this spreadsheet modified and shared by elizabeth, and you can jump right to that part here. you do not, of course, have to use the columns in the sheet as given. you can use “yes” and “no” as the answers, as i have in the sample data, or you can be more specific, as the chart on the next tab will support multiple terms. again: the words you use have to be consistent, and that includes capital letters. you can adjust the titles and the data to fit your own needs or goals, of course.

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i do a version of this spreadsheet, but i also included a section/tab for setting location as google sheets will let you do a map chart – so now i can see where in the world/us states i have traveled by book. thank you, sarah; and thank you to everyone who provided the info and updates for the spreadsheet! the last 2 years i have added a “trope” column to keep track of which of those i was reading most often in romance. i use goodreads to record the books i’ve read and that’s about as much effort as i want to put into it. @lauren, i use my spreadsheet to keep track of titles i have already bought so i don’t buy duplicates. but, i started keeping rough notes in notes to facilitate spreadsheet entry and have kept that part up to this day so i still credit the spreadsheet for helping me keep track of my reading. @lauren – i get a little bit of dopamine when i finish a book and add it to my list.

my name is renee, and i am the host of this site. as a book blogger, i have come to appreciate what tracking books and blog goals can be in a spreadsheet. but i will admit that many of them don’t have what i need, and so i thought i would combine aspects of all the various spreadsheets that i like to bring together something that is more extensive on the tracking. for example, to get the dnf’s to show up all you need to do is enter them into the dnf tracker tab. i updated some of the glitches in the spreadsheet that i discovered over the past year of using it myself.

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this is definitely my favorite tab (other than the stats pages) i just love how this one is built and all the features that it has. it also has an added feature that i implemented from “the book roast” she has a rating system called “cawpile” and how it works is that it takes seven subcategories which you judge on a scale of 1-10 and then in this spreadsheet, it will calculate the rating for you. but i would also recommend if you are interested, to watch her video on this:  this rating system is one that i incorporated into this spreadsheet and its one that is implemented that allows you to adjust what you look and judge in a book and have a specific rating system for the books that you read. as you look in the book log, you will see quite a few drop-down menus, so on this page, this is where all of your menu items are locations and if you want to add or change them, you can do as many as you want. but for example, if you want to change your genres (these genres are really just for romance fiction only, but if you want to add different ones, you will have to adjust some of the stat tables through functions  (if you need help with this, just dm or email me and i can walk you through it, its fairly easy once you understand how to do it)  this is honestly one of my favorite aspects of tracking my reading through spreadsheets, i absolutely love it so much. we have the summary, monthly stats, details page, and then the graphs/pie charts page.

however, after some time, my inner chandler bing began to ask, “can i be any lazier?” and friends, the answer is yes. so, with that in mind, i created a brand new iteration of the reader spreadsheet: sleek, minimalist, and primarily dedicated to reading. ???? and of course, if you find this useful and want to support my work, you can leave a one-time tip as thanks. here’s a quick rundown of its features: a full-year statistical breakdown is automatically generated as you update the reading sheet throughout the year. and by the end of december, you’ll have a nifty statistical breakdown for the whole year based on the following aspects: this feature can be valuable in identifying trends in your reading and areas of growth. while the 2020 version is built for multiple purposes (to cater to readers, reviewers, and bookish creators alike), the 2023 lazy reader spreadsheet has only one purpose: to track your reading and reviewing.

an entirely new and exclusive feature in the 2023 lazy reader spreadsheet is its yearly stats sheet, which provides an automatically generated overview of your reading habits. stick to the barest of essentials with the 2023 laziest reader spreadsheet, which is solely dedicated to reading. ???? the 2023 lazy reader spreadsheet and 2023 laziest reader spreadsheets are both available for download and free for personal use. my main affiliates (such as amazon and fully booked) are disclosed at the bottom of this website. what other features would you like to see in a reading spreadsheet? i’m shealea, (maybe) the first of my name and currently in my chaotic twenties.