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reading tracker template is a reading tracker sample that gives infomration on reading tracker design and format. when designing reading tracker example, it is important to consider reading tracker template style, design, color and theme. if you have a large number of books that you own or have read, it can be hard to keep track of them all. having a handy app or spreadsheet to help organize and track your book reading lists is one effective method to track your personal book library. this free website that was founded in 2019 is quickly becoming a favourite method to track and catalogue all of your books online. this free community is owned by amazon and has a large library of books to add to your shelves and lists. if you are looking for an app that will help you to make reading goals and track your progress, book breeze is one to try. it is a basic site, but italic type will keep track of your books,  notes, progress, and make recommendations for you. there is also a social aspect to it as well for those who enjoy book discussions. if you would like a little more encouragement to read more and organize your books, this app might help.

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there is also a community of bibliophiles to interact with and discuss bookish things. this basic app is free and contains a smaller library of books to add to your lists. if you enjoy bookstagram and stunning photos featuring books, litsy is a fantastic site to try. it is also free of charge and is a place to discover and chat about your books with a focus on the visual aspects of book tracking. there is no social aspect to this app and it is a simple way to catalogue your books and make plans and goals for reading. bullet journals are a popular way to motivate yourself and get creative with designing your pages. using printables to keep track of your personal reading journey can be a fun and motivational way to organize your reading progress. another simple technique for keeping a reading log and tracking your book reading is with a spreadsheet. book reading trackers are such a fantastic way to track books that you are reading, get organized, and set goals for reading.

looking for a reading tracker designed for families and children? i’ve mentioned before that i’ve used goodreads to track my own reading since 2007 (feel free to follow me over there, but know that i write 3-8 word reviews and am zero percent social on goodreads). we’ve been bookroo subscribers for the last four years or so (i wrote a whole post here about their book subscription and why it’s the one i recommend), so i knew that this team of moms and book lovers would create something amazing. you can mark books as “read,” “to read,” “reading,”and “didn’t finish,” plus you can mark any title as one you won or add it to your wishlist so you can remember what books you want to own (or when your parents ask what book your child wants for a holiday – you’ll have a whole list of ideas at your fingertips!). you can also create custom book collections, like “read aloud possibilities” or “halloween picture books” or “books like mercy watson.” and, of course, you can rate and review books to your heart’s content (ella is loving this part) and you can make your reviews – or you or your child’s profiles – public or private. and add it to your profile, whether it’s one you have in your personal library, one you’re currently reading or one you want to remember for later. i’m so glad to finally have a reading tracker i feel safe recommending to other families and children, and i hope you’ll love it as much as we are!

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we tried to search for a few of the titles that my son has read using our amazon kids plus subscription and we couldn’t find them in the tracker. i’m not sure it’s going to work for us if we can’t find many of the titles that he’s reading. if you use the isbn number to search it will usually pull the book up and you can add it. kind of annoying, but more and more books are being added. i feel like kids, especially really young ones, enjoy reading the same book multiple times and i would like to be able to keep track of that. my son has been wanting to keep track of his books so i just set up his account and we added all of his books for 2023. he might actually learn to love reading after all! that means that if you use the links on my blog to make a purchase, i may get a small percentage of the purchase price.