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recruitment agency contract template is a recruitment agency contract sample that gives infomration on recruitment agency contract design and format. when designing recruitment agency contract example, it is important to consider recruitment agency contract template style, design, color and theme. a properly drafted contract with a recruitment agency is essential for smooth cooperation for both parties. careful reading of the contract is necessary so that there are no misunderstandings. the subject of the contract with a recruitment agency is usually the provision of recruitment services, consisting of the search and selection of candidates who fit a certain profile. it is necessary to establish this number with the agency before starting cooperation. this is a very important clause that should be included in any contract with a recruitment agency. such a ban usually lasts at least 12 to 24 months.â  the contract should state who is the administrator of the candidates’ personal data: whether it is both the agency and the contracting company, or whether the administrator is the company and the agency is the processor.

recruitment agency contract format

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the most optimal method of remuneration for the company is success fee. some agencies, however, require a lump sum, that is, a fixed rate paid in advance regardless of whether the recruitment is successful or not. a compromise is to charge for each stage of recruitment conducted.â  it is important to protect yourself against unsuccessful recruitment or against the departure of a new employee shortly after hiring. a commitment to recruit again free of charge in case a recommended employee leaves or proves to be an unsuitable choice. some agencies require the signing of an exclusivity clause for recruitment services. in particular, it is worth paying attention to how the subject matter of the contract is specified, how the rodo issue is resolved, what the method of remuneration is, and whether there are non-employment, exclusivity or warranty clauses in the contract. are you looking for a recruitment agency that specialises in it?