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referral tracker template is a referral tracker sample that gives infomration on referral tracker design and format. when designing referral tracker example, it is important to consider referral tracker template style, design, color and theme. we also have a free referral link generator and if you just want to generate referral codes, look no further than our free referral code generator referral tracking is the monitoring and collection of data on actions taken throughout your referral marketing program. if you want to know who sent a new customer to your business — so you can properly attribute that referral and issue rewards to the referrer — you need accurate referral tracking in place. based on the conversion data, you can determine if a referral marketing strategy is meeting your intended goals, or if you need to make some changes to increase customer engagement (e.g. if you download our free referral tracking spreadsheet, we provide a form for you to send to customers to join your program.

referral tracker overview

the code attributes a specific referral to a customer so you can see how many times it has been used and for what purchases. redirecting them to a referral page gives you more control over what the potential new customer sees as soon as they arrive on your site. whenever a customer signs up for your program, you need to assign them a unique referral code. furthermore, a referral tracking system can also sync with other marketing tools, allowing you to customize and expand your entire marketing campaign. they work similarly to referral links in the way that they track purchases made through the link using a unique code.

on the other hand, if you don’t get any referral sales and are struggling to expand your customer base, there’s a chance that you don’t have enough loyal customers supporting you. if the company wasn’t tracking it’s referral data, it would be easier for a user to take advantage of the 40% commission and refer themselves. if your sales are stagnant, it’s a sign that you should make adjustments to your customer referral program or the way you promote it. this can give you a very good overview of how active each of your referrers is and how much the power of word-of-mouth marketing is working for you.

referral tracker format

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referral tracker guide

this gives you a good overview of how efficient each of your referrers is, based on the number of new customers they brought to you. the second one will help you generate a unique url based on your own parameters and google analytics will help you monitor its performance if you’re not using a referral tracking software. when those columns have been filled, the rewards owed one will automatically generate the amount of rewards you owe to your referrer, based on the referral count and the type of referral. you can track referrals on a website through a referral marketing tool or google analytics; both can help you monitor every piece of information around your referral program.

word of mouth is an unbeatable way to promote a business. in the world of referral marketing, a referral is best understood as an offer from a promoter that incentivizes a new customer to buy a product or service. examples include a company giving new customers a discount when they refer the business to their network or a business leaving discount code flyers around town. the referral share rate is the percentage of potential leads your business or product is exposed to. this data is important to know because it can help you gauge the strength of your offer and the performance of a particular promoter. or, in cases where you can track how many people engaged with their post, you might find that their audience isn’t aligned with your offer — or worse, some of their followers are fake.

a high share rate with a low conversion rate might indicate that referral marketing isn’t the best investment for your company. the incentives offered to customers or promoters will likely have a significant impact on your overall profit, depending on how high the conversion rate is. for example, when giving customers flyers to hand out to their friends, put a unique code on each flyer that’s tied to the customer who handed it out so you know where the referral came from. you can give a similar code to customers to share with their friends and family as well. some of the top referral program tracking tools are referral rock,, and saasquatch. some of the tools include referrals offer an unbeatable roi and provide you with deep insight you can use in other marketing efforts.