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rental inventory tracker template is a rental inventory tracker sample that gives infomration on rental inventory tracker design and format. when designing rental inventory tracker example, it is important to consider rental inventory tracker template style, design, color and theme. when you’re running an equipment rental business, inventory management is a central aspect. there are a number of different options for rental inventory tracking, from old fashioned paper records, to dedicated rental business software solutions like quipli. we’ve created a free rental inventory tracker template for excel and google sheets, which you can use to keep track of the status of your rental equipment. if you’re renting out equipment, you absolutely need to keep track of the status of each item in your inventory – whether it’s currently being rented out, whether it’s been inspected or undergone maintenance prior to being rented out again, and ongoing trends in rental patterns over time. here’s how you can use our free equipment rental tracking spreadsheet template to keep tabs on rentals and equipment status. at the top, you can list the total number of items, the number rented, and the number left in stock.

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you’ll need to specify the following information: in this tab, you can track price, inventory, and total revenue for your products, over monthly periods of time. you can view how many of an item are rented out, versus still in stock, for each day of a month, helping you pinpoint trends over time in rentals and revenue. you can also integrate your inventory tracking with your rental point of sale systems, data and analytics tracking, and customer-facing website. explore our equipment rental agreement form or our equipment rental terms and conditions form. kyle clements is the founder & ceo of quipli, a provider of modern software for independent equipment rental companies. in the past few years, kyle has completed thousands of customer interviews understanding needs and trends in the growing equipment rental market.

for example, how are you going to make sure none of your assets get lost? the first thing to consider as you start a rental business is mapping out your inventory. bulk items are the type of products you don’t need to specify individually as you check them out, helping you to handle them faster. whether you deal with on-location pickups, the delivery of goods, or even shipping items to your customers, there is a way to categorize these one-time charges. you’ll need to figure out how to track the overall product type, which images you want to display, whether you need variations and what you need to communicate in your product descriptions.

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as you’re organizing your rental inventory, you may find that you have products that are almost identical and you want to name them the same thing; they only differ by one small feature or adjective. do you think your products need time before and after a rental to get everything prepared for the next customer? sometimes, you could use a place to store and share all of that. having a solid plan for managing your rental inventory is going to help you in the long run. when you know your inventory inside and out, and find the right tracking methods, you have more time to focus on what matters most: your customers.

quipli provides a one-stop shop software solution for tracking and managing your entire rental business from equipment reservation to pickup to return. have complete oversight into the movement of your assets from inventory to customer and back again. manage inventory at a category, product, and unit level to visualize it your way. manage and customize inventory availability for each one of your locations. we ran trials with multiple software vendors side-by-side for several months, and there was no comparison to quipli’s pace of development and customer support. quipli is a very easy team to work with and a very rare type of business that really works with you to help you succeed and set up the platform. software is easy to use, and user friendly.

this allows us to accept orders on the fly. through quipli we are able to enter, track, and rent equipment to customers with ease. quipli is the one stop shop for our online rental needs from inception, design and ongoing maintenance. there are no words for being able to work with someone who makes you feel like you can just sit back and relax because she has got it covered. we also offer “marketing as a service” if you’d like to leverage our digital marketing team to help you land new customers through seo and paid online marketing campaigns. we built quipli to provide online renting experiences to independent rental companies and streamline the process between rental stores and their customers. quipli works best with heavy equipment, light equipment, and general tool rentals.