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there are two main ways contractual terms are formulated between the reseller and the customer. the first is a top-down reseller agreement. these are better suited for higher-volume deals with customers known as “smes.” if the reseller wants to use a top-down agreement with enterprise customers, the agreement can’t be overly unbalanced. it’s important to note that this type of agreement can cause significant cost and administrative burdens on both the vendor and the reseller. there may be times where a customer wants a vendor to add itself to the contract between a reseller and a customer. if a customer wants to retain a direct relationship with a vendor, it’s preferable to have the reseller step aside and act as a referral partner instead. however, from a legal standpoint, it’s a bad justification for a three-party contract.

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a reseller agreement is a contractual arrangement between a supplier (vendor/wholesaler) and another party, which agrees to sell products on their behalf. the legally binding agreement outlines the respective responsibilities of each party, including product pricing, quantity limits, and sales strategies. when designing reseller agreement example, it is important to consider related questions or ideas, how do i create a reseller agreement? what is the difference between a distributor and a reseller agreement? what is a resale agreement? what is the difference between licensing agreement and reseller agreement?, saas reseller agreement,saas reseller agreement template free,reseller agreement sec,authorized reseller agreement,reseller agreement checklist

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three-party contracts also tend to be more expensive to draft and to negotiate. if a customer requires services from the reseller as well, these can be added under a different contract between the parties. the reseller or distributor will purchase saas software and services from the supplier under the terms set forth in a reseller or distribution agreement. there is no legal relationship between the distributor and the saas supplier because it’s just like a normal reseller contract. an agent is a company or a person who acts on behalf of the supplier and will find leads. there is no legal relationship, as there is no contract with the customer. by using reseller agreements, these problems can be resolved, since the reseller will sell the saas software to the customers directly. upcounsel accepts only the top 5 percent of lawyers to its site.