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safe agreement template is a safe agreement sample that gives infomration on safe agreement design and format. when designing safe agreement example, it is important to consider safe agreement template style, design, color and theme. a simple agreement for future equity (safe) is a financial instrument first offered in 2013 that has gained popularity in the startup ecosystem, particularly among early-stage companies. in that case, the investor can ask for a payout of the original investment or convert it into equity at the company’s discretion. safes also often have customizable terms that can be tailored to fit the specific needs of the startup and its investors. for investors, the primary attraction of a safe is the potential for high returns. this lower entry point reduces the risk for investors while still allowing them to be part of a potentially successful venture.

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this table offers a concise yet comprehensive overview, highlighting the key differences in structure, conversion mechanisms, and investor rights. some safes may include terms allowing the company to repurchase the investor’s future equity rights instead of conversion. pre-money and post-money safes differ in how the company’s value is determined in a safe investment. for the company, although a safe is not debt or equity at first, the proceeds from investors do count as taxable revenue. a safe is a popular financial instrument in the startup ecosystem, primarily used by early-stage companies.

before using any of these international forms, you should consult with a lawyer licensed in the relevant country. our first safe was a “pre-money” safe, because at the time of its introduction, startups were raising smaller amounts of money in advance of raising a priced round of financing (typically, a series a preferred stock round). the safe was a simple and fast way to get that first money into the company, and the concept was that holders of safes were merely early investors in that future priced round. in 2018 we released the “post-money” safe.

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the post-money safe has what we think is a huge advantage for both founders and investors – the ability to calculate immediately and precisely how much ownership of the company has been sold. it’s critically important for founders to understand how much dilution is caused by each safe they sell, just as it is fair for investors to know how much ownership of the company they have purchased. while the safe may not be suitable for all financing situations, the terms are intended to be balanced, taking into account both the startup’s and the investors’ interests. both parties are encouraged to have their lawyers review the safe if they want to, but we believe it provides a starting point that can be used in most situations, without modifications. needless to say, yc does not assume responsibility for the contents of, or the consequence of using, any version of the safe or any other document found on our website.

a simple agreement for future equity (safe) is an agreement between an investor and a company that provides rights to the investor for future equity in the company similar to a warrant, except without determining a specific price per share at the time of the initial investment. [1][2] the precise conditions of a safe vary. however, the basic mechanics[3] are that the investor provides a certain amount of funding to the company at signing. unlike a straight purchase of equity, shares are not valued at the time the safe is signed. these conditions generally involve a valuation cap for the company and/or a discount to the share valuation at the moment of the trigger event.

in this way, the safe investor shares in the upside of the company between the time the safe is signed (and funding provided) and the trigger event. this simplicity is the primary motivation of a safe. y combinator released the simple agreement for future equity (“safe”) investment instrument as an alternative to convertible debt in late 2013. this investment vehicle has since become popular in the u.s., canada,[5] and israel, due to its simplicity and low transaction costs. safes are also dangerous for non-accredited crowdfunding investors who might be directed towards safes in small businesses that realistically will never obtain priced equity financing, and therefore never trigger a conversion into equity. [8] additionally, the tax treatment of safes is disadvantageous, as the holding period (relevant to qualified small business stock tax exemption) begins upon stock issuance rather than signature of the safe.