art lease agreement template

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this art rental and licensing agreement (“agreement”), is entered into this 1st day of november, 2001, by and between stephen a. wynn (“lessor”) and wynn resorts, llc (“lessee”)., a. lessor is the owner of the paintings and other art works identified in exhibit a attached hereto, this agreement made this _____ day of ______., 200___, between david hayes art work, inc. (a connecticut corporation) and recognizes the security interests of the lessor in the leased artwork and will cooperate in the filing of any forms necessary for the lessor to perfect such security interests., the undersigned acquestarte with its office at 6612 ascona, via collegio 11, represented by., hereinafter referred to as acquestarte, and., corporate art leasing , corporate art leasing, how to lease artwork , how to lease artwork, fine art leasing , fine art leasing, art leasing business , art leasing business

(city/town) hereinafter referred to as the customer, have agreed that: article 1. rental of artwork acquestarte rents to the, the artist/exhibitor, once accepted by the evaluation process, qualifies to enter into this contract to rent a designated space in the gallery to display their artwork for the dates stated above., the artist/exhibitor will pay the eastbank art gallery (one hundred dollars) rent to reserve the, we are pleased to help you select unique artwork for your home., to apply for an art rental, please fill out the following form in full and submit it to handworks gallery in person or submit the form and a scanned copy of you driver’s license to, these rental terms establish the terms and conditions under which you may rent art (each a “product”) and receive related services (“services”) from getartup via our website at (the “site”)., this agreement contains all the terms and conditions governing your rental of products from getartup via the site, note: these sample contracts are for checklist purposes only., you use these contracts at your own risk., neither spacetaker nor will not be held responsible for any unfavorable outcomes associated with the use of these contracts., corporate art leasing, how to lease artwork, fine art leasing, art leasing business, fine art rental agreement, fine art rental agreement , fine art rental agreement

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