coshh policy statement template

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this policy is intended to set out the values, principles and policies underpinning this organisation’s approach to coshh., by implementing coshh guidelines thoroughly and fully the organisation aims to protect staff who come into contact with hazardous substances as part of their work., it is the school’s control of substances hazardous to health (coshh) policy to ensure that: a) the use of hazardous substances is avoided as far as is reasonable practicable., d) coshh assessment and controls are monitored and adequately reviewed., for the purpose of this policy, a substance hazardous to health refers to any substance (including preparations) as defined in the coshh regulations, and attached as appendix 1. the purpose of coshh assessment is to prevent or control exposure to substances hazardous to health., page 7 – procedure for dealing with health and safety issues.,

pages 8 and 9 – appendix a – coshh record of activity assessment template., pages 10 and 11 – appendix b – coshh – activity / situation risk assessment record., page 12 – appendix c – coshh – risk assessment action, important note: the intranet version of this document is the only version that is maintained., any printed copies should therefore be viewed as “uncontrolled” and, 3 statement of intent ., the coshh regulations define a substance hazardous to health as a substance for., *if the substance has a r45 or r49 risk phrase or a h350 or h350i hazard statement, it must also be registered on your personal carcinogen return ( at occupational health) where exposure is not adequately controlled., example coshh risk assessments showing the kind of approach a small business might take., use it as a guide to think through some of the hazards in your business and the steps you need to take to control the risks., ,

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