ayurvedic skin care doctor

he got the curative formula of “agnijith” when he was 9 years old from his uncle who had found the secret from an old sanyasin. dr. nair practiced ayurvedic medicine in the traditional gurukula system, under dr. k.s. under the guidance of dr. k.s. after 12 years of ayurvedic study, he took his diploma in ayurvedic medicine from madras. at first he used the medicine for a three-year-old girl who came to dr. warrior with deep burns. it was then dr. nair asked his teacher if he could do treatment that his uncle had taught him. warrior’s permission, dr. nair started the treatment and the child was completely healed. thereafter, the ottamooli (single medicine therapy) however it is severe or old, every case that came to dr. parameswaran nair, was found to be effective. even scars that couldn’t be removed with plastic surgery were effectively healed by dr. c.p.

ayurvedic syrup for irregular periods

menstruation is a menace in every woman’s life. some fights acne and some feel nauseated and many juggles with the troubles of irregularity. irregular period is a problem of grave concern. it might result in extreme weight fluctuations, emotional stress and eating disorders. irregular periods can be caused by a number of factors. it can be a sign of pcos, a condition in which a number of small, fluid-filled sacs develop in the ovaries. ayurveda offers simple and natural remedies to correct irregular periods. meri sakhi syrup is an ayurvedic formulation helpful in treating irregular periods. it regularizes menstrual cycle, boosts strength, promotes stamina, and maintains vitality throughout the month. it also treats problems of scanty bleeding and heaviness in stomach. this uterine tonic works best during menstrual cycle and aids as a general tonic in between periods. m2 tone forte syrup is potent ayurvedic medicine for irregular menstruation.

ayurvedic treatment for healthy body

ayurveda is a pristine science of bringing your body, mind and soul in harmony that was born in india. simply put, it is a holistic approach to a healthier and longer life - the kind that our ancestors lived. if you're new it or are still figuring it out, we've unearthed some hidden secretes of ayurveda that can help you tread the healthy way. for long and strong hair: according to ayurveda, hair loss is usually caused due to the functions of the pitta dosha which governs our metabolism and digestion. to balance the pitta dosha, you should include cool and sweet foods like buttermilk, coconut oil, cinnamon and fruits such as melons, grapes and pomegranates.

ayurvedic medicine for veins blockage

coronary artery blockage is the most common heart disease and also causes of premature death in the present era. coronary artery blockage is caused due to the build-up of the cells, fat, and cholesterol which is called plaque, which leads to a lack of blood supply to the heart muscles. coronary artery blockage is caused due to medo vruddi in the blood that may accumulate in the coronary artery vessels. craving of the oxygen supply to the heart muscles. so in the higher cholesterol level or in the hypercholesterolemia conditions and in the early stages of the plaque formation, one should take medication. scientific study:- by observing different scholar’s scientific study of all the ingredients of hrudya vati with respect to regularization of cholesterol level and break down of plaque formation, we concluded that hrudya vati is the drug of choice for the coronary artery blockages.

ayurvedic remedy for cough

the allergens or pollutants in the environment enter your throat pipe, lungs or airways and trigger your body to cough them out! this continued action (natural reflex) causes inflammation of the respiratory tract and throat. the main causes of dry cough are respiratory tract infections, sinusitis, pneumonia, suppression of vomiting and inflammation due to irritants/allergens. to shield from this disease, your respiratory system must have a strong immunity but with poor nutrition, irregular lifestyle and growing environmental toxicity, it is hard for your body to fight back.