harmony holistic health

our mission is to create a healing environment that considers all aspects of a person’s well being. couples therapy helps you gain the necessary skills to effectively communicate, express your needs and gain deeper empathy between you and your partner. hypnosis and coaching can assist you in accessing your subconscious resources, creating alignment between the part of you that wants to do something and the part of you that knows how to create it. at harmony holistic, we are about getting you back to your true self.

holistic healing modalities

“holism” is the theory that the universe is made of interactive whole organisms that are more than the mere sum of their parts, and that what affects one part also affects the others. the aim of holistic health is to support maximum well-being with the resources available. the decisions people make about their life and habits are the largest factor in determining their state of wellness. holistic health is more than just the absence of illness.

health and harmony holistic counselling

holistic counselling is a unique form of counselling, focused on a person in their entirety. holistic counselling is aimed at empowering a client to discover and access their own inner wisdom and healing capacity – and in doing so, the counsellor, too, will embark on a remarkable and enlightening journey of self-discovery and personal growth. it guides students through a range of holistic counselling techniques, such as relaxation, life skills, social relationships, and motivational counselling, in addition to psychotherapy, gestalt therapy, and narrative therapy.

harmony center for holistic psychotherapy

psychologists at harmony center for holistic psychotherapy perform mental health assessment and therapy. psychology is a medical specialty focused on helping patients understand the causes of their mental health disorders so they can be treated with therapy or medication.

holistic health and healing

another way of looking at it is that holistic healing or holistic medicine is the actions we take to promote holistic health. and it is the origin story of all medicine. the balance of energies such as “qi,” or life force, and “shen,” or spirit, is essential in maintaining health. like chinese medicine, the interconnectedness and balance of these internal and external elements is the key to wellness. a renewed interest in holistic health arose in the 1970’s and is growing stronger every year. in the meantime, we can empower ourselves to live a life of holistic healing and wellness. alternative medicine is an area of holistic healing that focuses heavily on the natural aspects of health and healing. complementary medicine is the category of holistic healing techniques that are occasionally accepted within conventional medicine.