holistic healing medical center

our vision: to let you live life free of any medication! our goal: to guide you from “medication to meditation” the word holism means “whole.” in fact all the relevant power words in the english vocabulary: healing, health, hospital, holy, hospitality, have the same root of origin, ‘holos’ meaning “all, the whole, entire, complete.” while modern medicine divides us and treats each organ and symptom separately, holistic healing embodies the philosophy of holism and focuses on the mind, body, and spirit in relation to the environment as a whole! holistic healing is the essential conductor; it refines, cleans, harmonizes and keeps the flow of energy unrestricted and rhythmic to keep us in tune and well balanced. our health programs combine the art and knowledge of homeopathy, ayurveda, chinese medicine with the science of nls-oberon to get fast, effective and long-term results. read our latest blog to get a deeper insight on why doctor suggests a postural checkup for children and the role it plays in health (/when-does-asymmetry-begin/).

holistic healing centre

the holistic healing center was founded in february 2003 to teach the benefits of alternative medicine and to provide patients with convenient access to a broad spectrum of therapies and healthcare practitioners. he provides advanced spinal correction utilizing “state of the art” chiropractic techniques. dr. ito travels nationwide each year to post-graduate seminars, where he trains with the most advanced chiropractors and learns the latest advancements in the chiropractic field. dentists who recommend frequent teeth cleanings understand the power of maintenance.

holistic healing clinic

at clinics in roseville, sacramento, san francisco and santa rosa our care teams combine modern medical approaches with proven, personalized complementary therapies to treat your physical, mental, emotional or spiritual well-being. founded in 1994, the institute for health & healing is the first integrative medicine clinic certified by the state of california and remains a nationally recognized pioneer in integrative health with clinics in roseville, sacramento, san francisco and santa rosa. we give you a broad choice of healing options from new innovations in functional medicine and nutrition to evidence-based therapies such as chinese medicine and acupuncture, integrative psychotherapy, massage and bodywork, and chiropractic care.