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for nearly 30 years, the american institute of alternative medicine or aiam (pronounced “i am”) has trained and graduated compassionate experts in integrative health so they can share their health and healing talents within their communities. go to admissions the faculty, staff, and administration at aiam work so hard for their students, which in turn creates a sense of responsibility for me to work hard for them.

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july 20, 2006 -- more than one in four u.s. hospitals now offer alternative and complementary therapies, such as acupuncture, homeopathy, and massage therapy. "more and more, patients are requesting care beyond what most consider to be traditional health services," say researchers sita ananth of health forum, an affiliate of the american hospital association, and william martin, psyd, of the college of commerce at depaul university in chicago, in a news release.

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we make use of acupuncture and herbal medicine, with over 20 years of experience.” more “i came to chen in much despair. i had been dealing with the after effects of lyme disease and just had a partial mastectomy. i was…” more “traditional chinese medicine (tcm) has evolved over thousands of years. functional medicine helps you find the root cause of your conditions and allow your body to heal naturally using diet and lifestyle changes. i have been dealing with palmar and plantar hyperhydrosis for years now. i have had it since i was a kid but it has gotten…” more “i work in the same business complex that spa la'vanya is located and it is like a little oasis with the duponti silk curtains.

alternative medicine sites includes articles and summary of research projects organized by subject categories. provides clinical summaries of herbs for oncologists and other healthcare professionals, and evaluations of alternative cancer therapies. chinese medicine times  covers all aspects of chinese medicine, acupuncture and herbal medicine. herbmed it is an herbal database and an evidence-based information resource by alternative medicine foundation, inc. provides scientific data underlying the use of herbs. nccam – u.s. national institutes of health’s national center for complementary and alternative medicine formerly known as the office of alternative medicine; highlights dissemination of information of nih-funded research on complementary and alternative medical practices.

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to bridge the gap between the unfeasible expectation of formal evidence in this space and the reality of common self-medication by those with insomnia, we propose a method for guided self-testing that overcomes certain operational barriers related to inter- and intraindividual sources of phenotypic variability. it is perhaps not surprising that the same trends are observed for natural remedies under the broad category of complementary and alternative medicine (cam). an alphabetical list of herbal remedies is presented in figures 1 and ​and2,2, with the relevant indications for each according to six sources (“methods” section). a related issue is that the health benefits or indications may be reported differently across traditions, which were differentiated in some of the sources; we do not differentiate here. however, the time horizon and resources required for such testing across even a subset of the remedies listed herein is daunting and seems unlikely to occur even with optimistic funding projections.